How Long Do Water Filters Last?

As humans, we tend to want to make the most of all the products that we purchase, and water filters are no exception to the rule. Even If it works well for a few years, you should never operate a water filter in your home plumbing without the correct maintenance. 

Getting your filters services and maintained will ensure they have optimal performance, and last for their expected timelines. So how long do water filters last?  

There is no specific answer to this question due to many factors. How long a filter lasts depends on factors such as the brand type, frequency of use, amount of water filtered and the type of water available. 

The type of water passing through the pipes will also play a significant role in the longevity of your filter. You may have to consider all these factors and more if you want to get the most out of a water filter. It’s a simple process, and it will help you save cash on investing in a professional repair service. This guide provides useful information you should consider for the longevity of your water filters.

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Why Filter Changes Are Crucial​

You should change the filter for the same reason you change your clothes every day – this is because it gets dirty after a while. If you use a filter excessively, it won’t function as expected because you exceed its lifespan.  It will be best for you if you can keep track of the time you install the filter, the rate at which it’s used and even its overall design quality. 

These are all factors that will make it easy to determine the longevity of your filter, and also to perform replacements as conveniently as possible. 

When you fail to change your dirt filters, impurities and other harmful substances may easily get through to the water. When these particles penetrate through the water stream and are dispensed from faucets and more, they pose a health risk.  A water filter helps remove rust and other sediments that may compromise the quality of your water.

Also, allowing rust and sediments to pass through your filters compromises the lifespan of your water filters significantly.

Filter Cartridge

how long do brita filters last

A home water filter has more than meets the eye. It has various components which work in cohesion to help filter out your water. Any compromise on the performance of any of these components is likely to lead to various machine performance issues. Your home water filtration system might mean that you have to replace one or either filter. These usually include the sediment prefilter or the sub-micron post filter. However, not all the filtration systems have a sub-micron post filter. Some filters are not replaceable, such as the sediment filter. 

Usually, you may have to replace a sediment filter after half a year. Also, a sub-micron filter may require replacement after about one year. Some homeowners may be lucky enough to get the most out of these filters. But never bet your luck on it, because it’s good to stay safe at all times.

The Number of Cartridges

You should be aware that some filters are available with replacement cartridges, while others don’t have them. If you want to save time, remember to order additional filter cartridges, such that you can change the filter when there is an issue. 

Some filters may also feature additional parts, which you may choose to install such as UV filters, descalers or water softeners.

Tank Replacement

how long do water filters last

Before you replace a water filter, consider that just some few components might require replacing. The filter is usually placed in a sealed component for optimal protection. Also, they don’t need to be replaced as often as filter cartridges. In fact, the water filters classify as long to medium-term resources in your house.

Generally, you may have to adjust the tank when it surpasses the three thousand or the one-million-gallon mark. If it’s difficult to estimate the amount of water it has filtered, then consider going for a rough average of three to five years as an estimation point.

Also, the timespan also relates to the water capacity of the filter. If you have a larger than average tank, consider consulting with a professional service provider to help you with the installation process. Keeping your tank in an optimal condition also contributes significantly towards the quality of your water.

How Long Do Water Filters Last: Factors to Consider?

how long do water filters last factors to consider

Just as previously mentioned, many factors come into play when it comes to the longevity of your filter. Any factors that indicate your factors need replacement will depend on the number of users, and the amount of water filtered through the system. More so, a good indicator would be the quality of water that is dispensed through the system.

Any indication if a funny taste or strange smell is a clear sign of a damaged filter. Aside from these noticeable signs, the water pressure might decrease because the filter is clogged, and needs a cartridge replacement.

If you fail to change the cartridge, the filter might become ineffective when it comes to trapping particles. Soon the filter will become useless when it comes to trapping dirt, dust or particles. Some high-end filters feature an inbuilt alarm, which will notify you when its time to install a new cartridge. 

Some filtrations systems focus on customer service, and they might inform you every year on when to get your filters replaced.

Factors That Influence Water Filter Changes

Various vital factors influence the time you have to replace the water filter in your home water supply system. While this list is not exhaustive, it goes in-depth into the crucial factors you should consider. They include:


Sediments in your water indicate that it has a lot of residues. Depending on the area you live, the water might have more sediments than normal. Also, this is one of the main reasons as to why you should consider installing a whole house water system. While it may seem costly, the system filters your entire water system and is highly convenient. 

Any sign of sediment in your water means that the filter works hard, and failing to replace the cartridge may have serious side effects.


Any water passing through taps often classifies as “hard water.” Hard water is any water that has a large amount of minerals or ions. You should have a filter that can separate any such poisonous elements from your water. 

Furthermore, if you live in a house with several people, this will also increase the workload on your water filters. Thus, you may also have to get a replacement earlier than when you had a few people in your house.

Type of Water Filter

Yes, the type of water filter also comes into play when it comes to the longevity of your filter. Why? Well, they’re similar to the way the consumer market has top technology brands such as HP or Apple, in the same way filters have different brand qualities. Thus, remember to consider this factor when getting a proper filter for your needs. With a product from a renowned brand, you not only get the best value for money, and a tool with a solid build as well. This way, you will enjoy many years of reliable water filtration performance, without having to perform a replacement.

How Long Do Water Filters Last: The Takeaways?

Based on the information, you will realize that various factors come into play when you want to replace a water filter system. In most cases, not only does the filter require replacement, but also various other parts such as the cartridges and tanks. Other factors such as usage and the quality of water also come into play in the longevity of your water filter. More so, a good water filter should last for a long time. 

It’s good to get a good tank because they offer longevity when compared to the smaller tanks. Also, you should replace the cartridges as soon as you realize the water has a bad taste or bag colour. Generally maintaining your water filter is a simple process, and you can always consult with a professional when you face a challenge.

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