About Us

With the thehomehardware.com, it’s easy to find the right kind of products for your outdoor regimen, and to access useful information.

There are several useful articles on the website you will love to read. So, whether you are working on a garden, building a shed, or even clearing some snow, we have some useful information. Choose the article you want to read, and let our in-depth hardware reviews surprise you. 

You will be able to browse through several collections of in-depth articles, and become informed when purchasing products.

Our Mission

At the thehomehardware.com, we provide precise information and place the needs of our audience at the heart of every article. We take an audience-first approach in all the information we share. Be it a review or a “how-to guide,” we provide in-depth information to suit your needs.

Regardless of who you are, where you are from, you can count on the home hardware to provide useful product reviews and information. We consider the needs, struggles, and curiosity of our audiences in our content development processes. 

At the home hardware, we: 

  • Listen to our readers and cover all the topics that they need
  • Cover an extensive range of topics from different angles in a sincere and relatable tone
  • We are a global company, and any can access our information
  • Include several voices to improve the richness of our information

Our Commitment to Providing Reliable Information on Hardware

We believe in legitimacy and quality. These are values that appear in all aspects of our service, including how we tell stories and communicate with our audiences. It is a critical aspect of our mission. Also, we have the aim of engaging with our audiences and listening to their challenges in shopping for products. 

Using this approach makes it easier to come up with in-depth informational guides for your audiences. Thus, we have a diverse range of voice in our information development, and in pursuing legitimate information each time.

Standards, Corrections and Disclosures

The home hardware website has the goal of being accurate in providing transparent and in-depth information. We also hope to be fair and independent in the analysis of all the products we review on the platform. Also, we strive to verify and corroborate information by using several sources whenever possible. 

Furthermore, we also work to correct any misstatements on time, and this rarely ever happens. Plus, we indicate when an article is informational, or contains any links to an affiliate website.

The Products We Review

Our products at thehomehardware.com help you add a touch of personality to your life. We are passionate about providing you with the ability to improve your day to day activities with suitable home hardware products. Thanks to our ever-expanding array of categories, we commit to deliver high-quality information you can use. All of our products are listed from Amazon.com.

How We Work at The

Open Communication

Communication is an important aspect of our service. We aim to be open and collaborative in all aspects of our service. We are regularly sharing project updates and learning new skills from each other.

Remote Company

The home hardware is an entirely remote company. We have the freedom to choose when and where we want to work, because wonderful people can be productive from anywhere in the world. Whether it's New York, Paris, Anderlecht, or Durban, we are always working behind the scenes to deliver quality information.

Strong Teamwork

We are an extensive team. We work for several goals, and we always have each other's backs. To achieve this, we have regular meetings to evaluate the critical aspects of our services and platform.

Content Improvement

We like to go the extra mile when it comes to providing useful information for our audience. Several members of the team are engaged in conversations with our audiences regarding the products we review. It helps us gain helpful feedback which we can use to improve our services.

Kindness and Building Relationships

Working in a distributed team can sometimes seem like a change, but not at the home hardware. We are digital nomads that spend lots of time together. We support each other in ensuring the quality of your platform in all aspects and achieving company milestones.