What Happens if Water Filter is Not Changed

Owning in-built water and ice dispensers can be highly convenient. You will no longer experience issues such as refilling ice trays or perhaps not having any cold water in the fridge. Instead, the only task you have to consider if you want to enjoy clean and cold water would be to maintain the water filter. Not many homeowners feel obliged to change water filters, and can sometimes be negligent from this perspective.

In this guide, we identify useful information on what happens if water filter is not changed. Fridge filters can only clean a specific amount of water, before requiring replacement. Since it’s not easy to keep track of the amount of water dispensed from the filter, most brands recommend replacements after six months.

Failing to do so might lead to the following significant issues:

As the water filter starts breaking down, it might become less effective at removing contaminants, dirt, microbes, etc. Such an issue might soon become apparent in the form of various changes in water quality. Usually, these are changes that affect the taste and odor of the water. The last thing you want is to arrive home, only to get water with an unusual taste – a problem you can solve with the right filter.

Cloudy Ice

Have you ever noticed any white substance on your ice that seemed somewhat unusual? Well, it might be a tell-tale sign of a cloudy water filter. Water with large amounts of mineral or other dissolved solids might be cloudy instead of clear when frozen.

For those who like using crushed ice in fridges, such an issue might not be an issue to detect.  However, it may be easy to notice when using ice cubes. Thus, it’s always good to ensure you check the functionality of the filter each time before using it to purify your water.

Slow Flow

The amount of contaminants on the filter media is directly dependent on the flow and quality of water. Thus, if it takes longer to fill gas from your fridge, this might indicate a compromise in the filter performance. These might include a broad range of contaminants including ice, plastics, pieces of paper, metals and more. These substances might accumulate, and lead to blockages over time. The blockages will in turn lead to longer term damage to the filter, which will necessitate early replacements.

Health Issues Associated with Water Filters

health issues associated with water filters

Aside from a compromise in the overall quality of water, you can also expect water that will lead to health issues over time. When the filter wears out, this might mean that your system no longer filters clean water. As such, contaminants such as heavy metals, microbes, and chemicals might easily get into the water. These are issues that might expose you to the following: 

  • Asbestos
  • Chromium
  • Cadmium
  • Barium
  • Padium
  • Pesticides
  • Excessive chlorine

What is the Primary Role of Water Filters?

Water, regardless of its source if packed full of living things. When you consume your water, your body becomes a host for all the pathogens or life forms in the given water. 

To put it into a better perspective, water pathogens, comprise various types of microorganisms. These include viruses, parasites, bacteria, and more, that are often present in water. In some cases, these microorganisms are harmless, while others can lead to serious side effects.

Usually, these microorganisms find their way between different hosts when water does not undergo the correct treatment process. The typical examples are E.Coli and S.Typhi, which are the leading examples. When it comes to people with weak immune systems, such as babies or the elderly, such pathogens can have detrimental side effects. The common ones include kidney failure, nausea, dehydration, and more.

Factors such as the location of the water source are crucial in the performance of a water filter. Why? Because a water filter helps regulate the presence and transmission of these microorganisms.

What Happens If I Don't Change My Refrigerator Water Filter?

Changing the filter in your fridge at the right time can have several unique health benefits. The side effects of failing to do so have already been outlined in this guide’s starting sections. Imagine coming home tired, only to realize that you forgot or failed to change the water filter and that you have to consume contaminated water.

Now, you can easily avoid such issues by ensuring you maintain the filter regularly. Such a process will ensure you enjoy the water without a foul or strange taste. Also, a dirty or clogged filter can compromise the mechanical actions of your fridge in many ways. The typical components that are compromised by such an issue are the dispensers.

Other Water Filter Maintenance Facts

Regular Inspection

The best approach for any fridge owner is to ensure you inspect the filter performance regularly. It would be good to pull out the filter and evaluate its use at least once every month. Also, consider cleaning it, and the remaining components in the fridge. You may also want to keep track of the water quality, as it is indicative of the average filter performance.

Choosing the Correct Filter

Before you invest in a water filter, ensure you go for one that is compatible with your fridge brand. Also, the user manual available with the fridge should contain all the necessary information about getting the right water filter.

Free Air Vents

Always ensure that the air vents in your fridge are not compromised by dirt or any other substance. Usually, filters are prone to blockages due to plastic bags, or small items that are not easy to find. Get rid of them as soon as possible to ensure they don’t affect the filter’s longevity.

If a fridge continues cooling longer than required, the filter might break down, and cause water leakages.


Various factors come into play when it comes to enjoying a clean and reliable supply of fresh water. In this guide, we have useful information for you to consider for our water filtration needs. It includes what happens if water filter is not changed. The side effects of failing to change the water filter on time could have adverse results on your water quality. Thus, when you have the right resources,

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