Winix C535 Review : Best Air Purifier ?

With air quality becoming an increasingly important factor in daily life, owning suitable and particle solutions to promote optimal air quality is important. Even if the right ventilation systems ensure optimal air quality, you may still be prone to various other issues. These include dust, pet dander, dust mites, allergens and more. Thus, owning an air purifier can be an excellent place to start. In this guide, we have for you the Winix c535 review to help you get started.

Air purifiers are available in various sizes, shapes and many different features. Usually, purifiers such as the Winix c535 come with HEPA filters, which are highly effective at eliminating dirt or dust.

Below is a review on some of the critical features of this air purifier.

winix c535The range of air purifiers on the market is simply immense, and settling in the right band is not always easy if you don’t have the correct information. We settled on the c535 air filter due to a host of its unique features and benefits. The filter is powerful, compact and simple to use. Furthermore, the makers of the filter have done well to include various useful functions you should consider. 

These include the filter change indicator, a timer, the “automatic setting”, the LED indicator and more. Plus, the longevity of this unit is also exceptional, especially when compared to the conventional air purifiers you will find on the market. Best of all, even if Winix is not necessarily a global brand, it has become famous over the past few years due to its high-end products.

What Do Customers Say About This Best Air Purifier?

We took the time to peruse through the comments and information users had to share on the Winix c535 air filter. It’s a powerful machine with several unique features, to make it ideal for use in personal spaces – a common remark among customers.

Let`s take an example of a comment on Amazon, from Justin and Kristen Willems who rated it five stars. They had this to say about this air purifier:

There have been many fires in our home town in the past few months, and the smell of smoke is sometimes unbearable. Since we got this unit, the quality of air has improved, and this machine is “smart” because it has several automatic functions. We have used it on average – for two years in the master bedroom, which we share with two Pitbulls. Plus, we regularly experience dry climates, and the dirt roads are an enormous source of dust. However, with this unit, the quality of air in the home has improved significantly. The plan is to get a second one for use in our child’s room.

Features Of Winix C535:

Air Quality Indicator

Perhaps the most crucial feature of this unit would be the highly convenient air quality indicator. Yes, this air purifier makes things convenient by informing you of when you have to clean the air. Being able to determine the quality of air at any given point is highly convenient. 

Thus, you will find it easy to manage the rate at which the machine functions, which can, in turn, improve longevity. The air quality system on this unit is unique as it comes with a few key components. It features an LED light, which will change colours, to indicate when it’s time to clean the air. To be specific, the light changes include Blue (Good) to Orange (Fair), Red (Poor). These are all strategically positioned on the control panel of the air purifier – perfect for ease of use even when in the dark.

Smart Sensors

Gone are the days when you had to adjust air purifiers, which was a hassle manually. The Winix brand has identified such an issue, and it’s evident in the functionality of the c535 air purifier. The inclusion of sensors makes it easier than ever to own an air purifier in your home. What is the role of the air sensors in this case? Well, they work to adjust the fan speed and are highly effective for cleaning the air. You can even customize the sensors to “learn” your specific requirements when it comes to using air purifiers.

Automatic Modes

There is nothing worse than having to continually reach out to your air purifier for it to function as you require. Thus, the makers of this unit have been benevolent enough to include highly convenient features for your air purification needs. The inclusion of automatic modes involves smart sensors that will remember your specific air purification settings. As such, this air purifier makes up for an excellent smart mechanism and addition to your space. It even features a sleep mode, which ensures its runs as quiet as possible – especially during the night.

winix c535 feature

Four Fan Speeds

With as many as four fan speeds, you will find it easy to control the functionality of this air purifier. In particular, the air purifier lets you control the fan speed, in relation to factors such as the air quality. The fan will automatically adjust the speed based on a specific contaminant level. Thus, with such a unique diversity of fan speeds, taking control of your air purifier has never been this easy. You will find it easy to adjust the fan speeds thanks to a conveniently placed dial on the air filter. The metrics and readings are also well indicated, thus making it easy to calibrate this unit to suit your air purification needs.

Filter Change Indicator and Quiet Motor

The main drawback of using an air purifier is that it will need maintenance at some point. That said, it’s a reasonable drawback, especially considering that you may have to use the air purifier as you sleep. Thus, you will be informed ahead of time when you have to get a filter change or replacement. 

Similar to all the air purifiers you might find in the market, this unit comes with a quiet motor. The motor is whisper quiet and won’t compromise your sleep, or perhaps cause discomfort around the house. Best of all, it’s highly efficient, and you will never experience issues such as overheating when you keep it running.

winix c535 filters

Timer and Heavy-Duty Construction

The inclusion of a timer makes it easy to regulate the functionality of this air purifier. You will be pleased with the highly convenient timer which has readings that are easy to view. As far as longevity goes, this unit will provide several years of reliable performance. It’s resistant against exposure to elements such as dust and even moisture – all thanks to the well-encased structure. While this unit averages at 19.25 pounds in weight, it’s sturdy and durable against issues such as falls or more.

The Good

  • Comes with four fans speeds for ease of control
  • Has an air filter change indicator to make things convenient
  • The remote control makes it easy to regulate the filter functions
  • Also equipped with a timer to make adjustments convenient 
  • Comes with an LED indicator that lets you determine when it’s time to replace the filter
  • Ensures whisper quiet operation even in small spaces
  • Has a heavy duty construction that ensures longevity

The Bad

  • Could use ergonomic handles for ease of transportation 
  • Weighs 19.24 pounds which is massive for some

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A. The range of arguments on Covid-19 and air purifiers is large. That said, be informed, air purifiers are “NOT” effective at battling Covid-19. You may just have to practice the conventional health care measures that are recommended.

Well, it’s because the coronavirus has an average size of 1 micron. Since corona spreads through methods such as human contact, using an air purifier for such a health issue is not reasonable. That said, some brand companies are increasingly investing in resources to help make it possible.

Even if you should not use an air purifier as the first line of defence against Covid-19, they still have various other benefits. To be specific, an air purifier is an excellent mechanism you can use to regulate the quality of air in your home. It’s an especially vital resource for those who suffer from allergic reactions due to issues such as dirt or dust. Plus, those who have issues such as asthma, allergies or any general respiratory complications can benefit from an air purifier

A. Air purifiers such as the Winix C535 have physical filters which work to trap particles that are in the air. Usually, they come with special filters, which also relates to their average price. A good air filter should be able to remove contaminants such as pollen, dust, bacteria, mould and more. Some of the high brands even feature additional filters, such as activated carbon. These types work to capture odours and gases and are highly effective at cleaning the air.

HEPA is a term which refers to a high-efficiency filter that can clean the air with minimal resistance. While it may not necessarily be as powerful as the mechanical filters, HEPA filters are still excellent. It’s a technology which dates as far back as World War II to help filter out radioactive substances from the air.

How to Setup and Use an Air Purifier?

If you want to use your air purifier at optimal levels, ensure you install and use it the right way. Plus, you may also have to perform regular maintenance to ensure the air purifier functions as required. Here are some of the things you can consider:

  • Remove the wrappers – a significant number of air purifiers come with pre-installed air purifiers, and they are also often sealed. Using the machine in such a state can easily lead to damage and it’s vital for you to remove them. Thus, ensure you check the instructional manual provided with the machine, or perhaps consults with the brand. Usually, machines that come with HEPA filters come with instructions for convenience.
  • Position them correctly – you have to install the purifier a few inches away from aspects such as furniture and wall. Why? It’s because any such obstacles are likely to compromise the functionality of the air purifier in your home.
  • One purifier per room is ideal – purifiers are excellent to use even in small spaces. Thus, if you want to clean the air in a large surface area, then get a portable purifier. In some cases, it’s now always practical, especially if you have a small house or a limited budget. Thus, solutions such as the Winix c535 would be an excellent place for you to start the research process. 
  • Oversized is always great – rather than go for the smallest air purifier, consider investing in a large one. Why? It’s because a small air purifier won’t necessarily be able to cover the space you require. That said, a large air purifier can be calibrated to suit the size of your space – making them the perfect option for most applications.
  • Ensure you keep it running correctly – under the right conditions, ensure you operate the air purifier daily on the “quiet” setting. On average, the sound produced by the machine at such a point should be more than 60 decibels (dBA) or less. Ensure you calibrate the device correctly because the three and four-speed purifiers function differently. You have the option of avoiding the “automatic” setting, which you might find on most purifiers. 
  • It a useful feature when you have young ones or pets in the house. However, some of these sensors are not often effective, and it’s not easy to regulate, as well. It’s best to use such a feature only when you have “ABSOLUTELY” have to do so. 
  • If you recently experienced issues such as a wildfire or exposure to radioactive chemicals, ensure you keep the machine running.
  • Ensure doors and windows are closed – to help maintain the quality of air in your space, ensure you keep windows and doors closed? Why? It’s because these can be inlet areas for contaminants such as dirt, dust and more. Issues such as a draft or open door can easily cause unfiltered air to compromise the air quality in your room. That said, regular traffic in and out of the room should not be an issue – ensure you keep the doors closed.
  • Clean the filter regularly – to ensure the best performance, ensure you clean the prefilter in your air purifier regularly. Clean it because it will help ensure that large particles such as hair, and the HEPA filter work at optimal levels. Also, it will help ensure these filters can last for a long time.
  • Schedule filter replacement – it’s good to keep track of when you have to get the filter on your unit replaced. Nowadays, there are many useful solutions you can consider to maintain the longevity of your air filter. Usually, brand companies recommend that you perform replacements every year. Also, remember to use the instruction manual, which often indicates the right time to get the filter replaced.


There is no space for improvisation when it comes to maintaining the quality of air in your space. Owning the right resources and practising the proper hygiene habits can have many benefits. Therefore, this guide has been about Winix c535 review, as well as providing various other useful information you need to consider. Yes, that’s right! There is more to air purifiers than meets the eye, and it would be great to ensure you are always informed when using one.

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