How Many Cups in a Pitcher?

Have you ever wondered the correct answer to the question, “how many cups in a pitcher?” Well, the answer is simple: it all boils down to the size of the water pitcher. Yes, that’s right! Just in the same way water tanks are usually available in different sizes, is the same way water pitchers are available in many sizes. 

Thus, when it comes to determining the number of cups a pitcher can accommodate, remember to check the size of the pitcher first.

Water is an essential resource in life, and it’s crucial to note that it’s not always readily available for human consumption. People living in remote areas, outdoor enthusiasts, and more, will always need a reliable supply of water. Thus, getting a water pitcher with the correct size is a crucial factor to consider. A good water pitcher ensures your water is clean at all times, and they usually have a special component known as the spigot. It lets you pour out water without making a mess.

Choosing the Correct Water Pitcher Sizes

In most cases, the pitchers that fall in between the 10 to 11 range are the most popular. Furthermore, most brands also provide smaller pitchers, which are suitable for people who don’t need full-size types. The large sizes make it easy to accommodate enough water for as many as ten people. 

Also, remember to consider design details, such as the handle design, comfort, ease of use, and replacement. The volume ratio is also a crucial factor to consider when it comes to investing in a water pitcher.

That said, not many people prefer battery-powered water pitchers, as getting power can sometimes be challenging. Furthermore, it would be way more convenient to replace the pitcher when you have a digital calendar.

Best Water Pitchers

Below are some of the top water filter brands on the market you can consider. Along with their sizes, we have also included several other useful details you should consider:

The Zero Water makes it to our top picks of water pitchers, because of its several and unique features.

It’s a 10 Cup water filtering pitcher, which ensures you will have clean and pure tasting water each time. It even features a free quality meter, which lets you test your water, such that you never have to wonder about the quality. 

The filter also supports 5 stage filtration, such that you have better tasting and clean water each time. Instead of using carbon filters only, these units have Ion Exchange Technology, which will stop the presence of contaminants. 

Look at the Brita Ultra Max Filtering Dispenser! This unit is not only large, but it has all the unique features you would fish for in the ideal water filter. Which are these?

brita ultra max

Space efficient, the Brita UltraMax Dispenser will hold as many as 18 cups of water to make it suitable for families and most modern countertops. The water pitcher even comes with a unique water filter that will remove chlorine, copper, zinc, mercury, and more. Thus, you are always sure of great tasting water with each cleaning process.

When getting a water pitcher, remember to check for the ease of use factors for the best results. The water pitcher also has a spigot, which makes it easy to pour out the water. 


There are various factors to consider when it comes to how many cups in a pitcher. Water is an essential resource in life, and without it, the body won’t function at optimal levels. More so, having to walk several miles or have to wait many hours for water is highly inconveniencing. In this case, a good option would be to invest in a good water pitcher for your needs. The process starts by determining the water capacity of the given pitcher, and whether it will suit your needs. 

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