What Happens if You Don’t Change your Fridge Water Filter?

To most people, changing a fridge water filter is not always a simple process. People may wonder whether it’s necessary to change a water filter and if so, which factors are important? For instance, what happens if the water filter is not changed? Think of the fridge filter in the same way as the filter you have in your car, or a coffee machine. Then, think of how your vehicle will perform if you fail to perform the correct maintenance, or the quality of your coffee as well. The same applies when it comes to changing your water filter.

An unchanged water filter might host toxins, that may compromise the taste of water, and cause damage to the fridge. While some things it’s not essential, changing a water filter helps maintain the quality of freshwater. Thus, drinking clean water will help save you from consuming contaminated water.

Even more, if you wonder about the importance of changing a filter, this guide will help you become more informed. You have probably had a fridge in the home as a shared resource, whereby you kids and other house members use it for water supplies or more.

Imagine exposing them to contaminants and dirt, because you failed to remember to replace the water filter. Now, you can easily avoid this issue by staying informed in regards to the functionality of your water filter. Plus, shopping for a water filter is a simple process, especially when you have the correct information.

do i really need to change my water filter

Are you wondering if you have to change your fridge filter? The answer is yes, you have to. Replacing a water filter is crucial in maintaining the hygiene of your drinking water. It plays the same role that a water filter plays in a coffee machine – it stops contaminants from getting into the water, and also keeps the water safe.

Some people are dubious about manufacturer recommendations when it comes to changing fridge filters. For instance, brands such as LG recommend that you have to change the filter every six months. Even the water filter may look clean, and the water may also have a good taste, changing the filter is convenient for your needs. It is advised that fridge owners follow the guidelines recommended by the specific fridge brand.

By replacing the filter regularly, you will avoid issues such as unwanted contaminants or pollutants, that can travel through the pipe. Changing the water filter frequently will help stop scaling and accumulation of pollutants, that damage the fridge. These contaminants may have significant side effects on uses such as kids, those with health complications and more. Thus, if you have a refrigerator in your property as a shared resource, its best to ensure it performs at optimal levels. 

If changing the filter seems like a challenging task, consider consulting with a professional service provider. The best advice would be to go for the specific brand that sold you the fridge in the first place. This way, you will find it easy, especially because fridges often come with a different type of filter models. More so, many fridge brands have websites online, that provides in-depth information on replacing water filters.

What Happens If I Don’t Change MY Refrigerator Water Filter?

Nobody will incline you to change your filter, but if you plan “NOT” to do so, you should be ready for the challenges that come with it. Imagine coming home from a long day at work, only to sit down to consumer water with a weird taste or with contaminants. Feels bad, right? 

Any unchanged filter can produce water with a foul taste, or even worse, with contaminants. Even more, a dirty or clogged filter can also affect the quality of your ice supply. The pollutants in the water might cause the ice to become cloudy, and have a weird taste. A refrigerator is a substantial investment, and you must treat it as such. 

Remember to consider the specific functionalities and performances of your chosen water filter brands. Even if failing to replace the water filter won’t affect the functionality of your fridge, your health is still relevant. More so, it’s vital if you have little ones in the home, who use the refrigerator regularly. They have no knowledge of the filters, and whether they play a role in the quality of water produced from the fridge. 

Thus, it’s best if you always keep track of the filter replacement dates, and usage time spans for your convenience. For instance, you can use a mobile reminder app, or perhaps write this information on a sticky note on the fridge. This will help you replace the water filter at the correct time, and ensure you and the water users in your home are always safe from contaminants.

How Often Should You Replace Your Fridge Water Filter?

Regardless of the type of water filter you use, there are specific guidelines on the replacement process. Some filters may require changing after six months, while others may have a longer lifespan. Furthermore, going for filters from renowned brands also ensures that you enjoy longevity. 

The famous school of thought is that you should replace the filter every six months. That said, you should note that various factors come into play when you want to replace the water filter. For instance, the amount of water that passes through the water filter, the number of users, the filter quality and more. As such, it’s best if you set a specific time of the year when you just have to change the filter. Some benevolent brands also have reminders which they send to clients on when to replace the filters.

Manufacturers recommend that you change the filter after six months because some are not good at DIY and are also negligent. It’s up to the fridge owner to choose the best time to change the filter. If you have spent a considerable amount on the fridge, then it’s good when you protect its functionality, and your health as well. You can do this by ensuring that the fridge components function each time correctly. It’s the same principle of owning a car or a coffee machine.


There is no room for improvisation when it comes to the quality of water you consume for your health needs. You have to make good decisions, and this includes ensuring resources such as your fridge are always in optimal performance. Thus, this guide provides insight into what happens if water filter is not changed. There are many issues associated with failing to change the water filter in your fridge. You will have to drink water with a weird taste, or water with contaminants – and imagine if you have a baby in the house!

Thus, ensure you learn about the water filter in your fridge and the recommended time for replacements. It’s an affordable component of the refrigerator, and it’s also simple to replace by using DIY techniques.

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