10 Best Under Sink Water Filter Reviews

It is a sad fact that a considerable portion of tap water that we refill our cups with contains a disturbing amount of contaminations. Among these impurities are harmful traces of some of the most dangerous chemicals, such as asbestos, mercury, lead, and pharmaceutical waste.

These impurities can lead to health complications or a feeling of disgust when drinking tap water. Therefore, as you hydrate, ensure that the water you are drinking does not make you sick. It is important to have your water purified and filtered. An under sink water filter is handy in this regard.

Under sink water filtration system, plugs into your main water supply and streams out clean, purified water free of germs, chemicals, and other contaminants. This system is engineered to handle water impurities and harmful chemicals that flow in your water plumbing system.

In this primer, we not only review the most cost-effective and high-quality under sink water filtration systems, but also have a look at some of the most important factors you need to consider when shopping for one. Our choices of filter systems are not only practical but also very price friendly.


CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter

cuzn uc-200 under counter water filter


Home Master Water Filter

home master artesian filter


iSpring RCC7AK

ispring rcc7ak

10 Best Under Sink Water Filter Reviews

CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter

The CuZn UC-200 under counter water filter uses a three-filtration process to remove contaminants such as heavy metals, lead, and other chemicals from your water.

cuzn uc-200 under counter water filter

It is not your regular under sink water filter since it only removes the harmful contaminants leaving behind mineral constituents that are good for your health. It has an incredible life span of 5 years, equivalent to 50,000 gallons of clean water. It comes with a five-year warranty and a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, if you encounter a malfunction or artistry flaw, you are free to reach their customer service, and they will sort you out.

It is simple to install and does not require a lot of commitment to set up since it connects directly to the kitchen cold water line under the sink. It does not also need a lot of tools. All you need is a simple adjustable wrench to tighten the connection, which can only take a few minutes.

The CuZn UC-200 under counter water filter is mold-resistant. It prevents bacteria growth, and further intoxicating your drinking water. It has a three by eight inches polished stainless-steel hose with a diameter of 3/8 inches that compresses the water into the filter during the purification process. They have very excellent customer service and a support team that can assist you in installation if you have a standard plumbing system. Also, in case you need a dedicated water filter for particular purposes, you can contact them for assistance.

The CuZn UC-200 under counter water filter utilizes a three-stage filtration process. This process uses a micro sediment membrane, RDKF, and a coconut shell system for very effective water purification.


  • It has a five-year warranty
  • Uses and bacteriostatic filtration system
  • Removes harmful water chemical giving only useful mineral
  • Have a very long-life span
  • Very easy to install


  • Can only be used for secondary water supplies

iSpring RCC7AK

The iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage Superb clean under sink water filter uses a high level of reverse osmosis to purify water and remove harmful contaminants. It acts as a water filter, and water softener that removes up to 99% of all water contaminants.

ispring rcc7ak

It can eliminate all traces of lead, chlorine, fluoride, asbestos, bacteria, harmful viruses, calcium, sodium, bad hormones, arsenic, and other dangerous impurities. The filtration process gives you a perfect experience of clean and good tasting water every time you take a sip and hydrate.

It utilizes a standard reverse osmosis water filter comprising of a five-stage process that removes harmful pollutants and slightly few helpful minerals. That results in a little bit of acidity in the water to a pH of about 7.

However, the upgraded iSpring filter has a sixth stage in the reverse osmosis process that has an alkaline remineralization filter (ARF). The AFR restores the healthy components which get removed on the fifth stage that gives you a better and more refreshing water state.

All iSpring RCC7AK products go through a thorough standardization process that ensures you get the best underwater sink filter that protects you when hydrating. The quality check process involves monitoring the pressure levels that the filter-material can handle in the water filtration system. The water filter has a multi-layered material that gives optimum protection from hundreds of disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and other health-threatening impurities.


  • Uses a 7-stage reverse osmosis process
  • It is effortless to install
  • Remove ninety-nine per-cent of all harmful chemicals
  • Uses a multilayered water filter material


  • Can be a bit expensive than regular water filters

Home Master Artesian Filter

The Home Master Artesian Filter under sink water filter has a better reverse osmosis process. It gives a solution to the most common issues that come with a traditional reverse osmosis water filter.

home master artesian filter

It takes water purification to the next level by a seven-stage reverse osmosis process that effectively removes up to 98% of all harmful chemicals and contaminants in your drinking water. 

These toxic compounds include chloramine, lead, harmful bacteria, artificial chemicals, and pharmaceutical contaminants. It uses a patented full contact system that adds magnesium and calcium minerals during the filtration process.

It has an inbuilt electric pump that reduces water wastage and increases its production up to 50% more than a regular water filter. It can last for a very long period and still maintain superior performance at the same time. It is straightforward to set up and deploy without extra tools.

It is prudent to change this water filter every two years. If you are using it on a large scale, it translates to a replacement after you have purified about 2,000 gallons of water.

It uses the standard reverse osmosis water filter system commonly known as ROS. It solves the most common problems encountered by using the regular reverse osmosis water filters. These issues include leaking filter canisters, prolonged water flow rate, high level of water wastage, and other challenges such as slightly acidic water.

However, a 7-stage reverse osmosis water filter solves all these issues by providing an excellent performance that makes it a smart choice for under sink water filter.

The manufacturer is very confident about their products. They give consumers up to a five-year limited warranty in case they notice a fault in the design while using the filter. All the company’s products are NSF certified.

They not only meet the standards NSF and SF requirements but exceed them for superior performance. On your package, you will receive a fully assembled water filtration unit that has a reverse osmosis membrane. 

You also get a storage 3/8-inch water tank, a feeder, and an adaptor. It also comes with additional accessories that include a filter, water shut-off valves, chrome faucet, and reverse osmosis adaptor. However, all these additional features increase the price tag on this water filter, but in the long run, they are worth every cent.


  • It utilizes a seven-step reverse osmosis process
  • It is effortless to set up
  • Adds magnesium and other healthy components during the filtration process
  • It is NSF certified
  • Comes with a five-year limited warranty


  • Has a higher price tag than the regular water filter model

Woder Water Filtration System

This filtration system is a secondary under the sink filter that purifies water from secondary sources such as the municipality water supply. The water supply must be adequately treated and disinfected before use.

woder water filtration system

This filter can last for three years, equivalent to 8000 gallons of water purification. To prolong the lifespan, always ensure that you use it on cold water as opposed to warm water from wells that might be salty and can tamper with filter material.

There is no plumbing required when setting up this water filter. It comes with a direct hose that connects to a standard 3/8 inches water valve such as the kitchen or bathroom sink taps. The 3/8-inch hose pipe plugs in directly to your main water supply or the top faucet channel located under the sink. 

It has a unique selective filtration process that eliminates over 99.99% of harmful contaminants leaving behind only the healthy minerals. Apart from purifying water, it also gives it a refreshing taste and removes bad taste and smell.

The system is NSF compliant, which means that it can remove harmful chemicals from your water sources such as chlorine and lead. It uses a microparticle technology to purify water for prolonged periods. This feature allows it to continuously clean drinking water at optimal performance for years without fail.

It also has a high flow rate of 2 GPM at 65 PSIG, which makes it very efficient during the purification process.


  • Very easy to install
  • Long lifespan
  • Three-year warranty
  • NSF certified
  • Removes 99% of harmful chemicals


  • Cannot reliably purify primary waterfall sources such as well and river

Filtrete Advanced Under Sink Quick Change Water Filtration System

The Filtrete Advanced under sink water filter uses 3M water filtration technology that gives you better-tasting clean water right from your tap. It is designed to purify water by eliminating chlorine, bad taste, odor, soil, and microbial cysts.

filtrete advanced under sink quick change water filtration system

It also reduces other artificial chemicals such as lead and other sediments that are harmful to your health. Its water purification platform does not require a dedicated water tap since it is your plugs into the kitchen sink or any bathroom faucet. 

You can do a quick installation within 30 minutes, and, from this point, it can serve you up to 6 months, giving nothing else but pure filtered water. It is NFS 35 certified, which means that it can remove 99.3% of all lead contaminants.

It has a three-step installation process;

Step one 

The first step is to turn off the water and attach the filter hose to the faucet that supplies water to the house. Then plug it into the output filter top.

Step two 

Attach the water supply pipe and connect it to the input filter head.

Step three

You are now set to start the water purification process. All you must do is attach the filter to the internal water supply.

The filter can maintain steady water flow at the rate of 2.25GPM on a standard water tap, including all bathroom faucets. It can filter over 2000 gallons of water in its lifespan. In case of any replacement required, you can acquire a standard filter that you can interchange with your existing under sink water filter. The Filtrete Advanced Under Sink Quick Change Water Filtration System is NSF certified, which means you get a quality product that is consumer safe.


  • It is NSF certified
  • It effortless to install
  • Removed disease-causing Contamination from your drinking water
  • It has a filter capacity of up to 2000 gallons


  • Its lifespan is a bit shorter

APEC Water Systems RO-90 Ultimate Series

If you are looking for a water filter that has fresh, clean, and great tasting water experience, the APEC water filtration system is the go-to product. It is very affordable and saves you both time and money. It has a hassle-free installation process.

apec water systems ro-90 ultimate series

It uses a reverse osmosis technology, and it is very durable that guarantees you pure water for a very long time. It has been tested and given the green light by the WQA. It means you can use it to eliminate all traces of the toxic chemicals from your drinking water. The filter layer can remove traces of fluoride, chemical, lead, chlorine, nitrate, heavy metal, and bad smell from your water supply. It has a tremendous capacity that can perform twice as much and remove contaminants two times better than your regular under sink water filter.

It is filtering canister has a high-quality and efficient filter material that prevents it from clogging up quickly. 

It is designed to purify the water in 5 active stages.

The first stage utilizes a high capacity and high-grade filter sanitizing materials. This filter eliminates all pollen, dust, and rust that not only purify the water but prolong the lifespan of the filter membrane.

The second stage, as well as the third stage, utilizes a stable carbon block. The main task of the carbon block is to remove bad taste, smell, chlorine as well as adding healthy minerals and removing unappealing watercolor. This stage is also where the VOC and other water chemicals get eliminated.

The fourth filtration stage involves a high-quality Filmtec (Dow Chemical) process. It uses a reverse osmosis layer that eliminates 99% of all the Total Dissolved Solids, commonly known as TDS. 

Impurities such as chlorine, illness-causing viruses, fluoride, and others, get eliminated at this stage. 

The last stage utilizes a carbon refining filtration system from an advanced coconut shell that removes the remaining contaminations from your water supply.


  • It uses a very efficient water filtration process
  • Has high-quality and durable materials
  • Can eliminate most of the disease-causing germs as well as viruses
  • It is a bit more affordable than other regular underwater think


  • Not as efficient as a six and a seven-stage reverse osmosis filter

Wonder-WD-10K-DC Water Filtration System

This water filter uses a secondary water source that has already been treated for drinking and disinfected adequately. It is WQA certified and NSF 42 compliant.

wonder-wd-10k-dc water filtration system

It means that it removes all traces of copper, heavy metal, silt, chromium-6, very volatile organic, and other contaminants such as lousy water taste and smell.

It is effortless to install with a direct pipe that connects to any standard 3/8 inches water valve located under a bathroom or a kitchen sink. The Woder 10K DC Ultra High Capacity under sink water filter utilizes a unique technology that eliminates over 99.99% of water contaminations, leaving behind only the necessary minerals that boost your body’s health.

It selectively traps unhealthy chemical contaminations using a filter layer with high-affinity for impurities. This high-affinity filter has a low reverse affinity for healthy minerals hence allowing only them to pass through.

The Woder 10K DC Ultra High Capacity is one of the best water filters that can help you remove the nastiest pipe water contaminations. It has a lifespan of 10000 gallons, which is equivalent to 3 years of providing pure drinking water.

It uses a microparticle technology that gives it a very long-life span while consistently purifying water for years at a very effective rate. To complement its lifespan, you should ensure that the water supply is not warm and salty. Therefore, it is advisable to use it on purified cold-water sources such as the municipality water system.


  • It is NSF certified
  • It has a very long-life span
  • It removes bad smell and taste from drinking water
  • Traps only unhealthy in impurities with no affinity to healthy minerals
  • It has a very high capacity


  • Can only be used to filter water from secondary sources

Whirlpool WHER25 Filter (RO)

If you want to hydrate with purified filtered water that tastes better and fresh at a fraction of the cost, this is your best option. It reduces the traces of copper, lead, pharmaceutical chemicals, and poor taste caused by dissolved contaminants in tap water.

whirlpool wher25 filter (ro)

It is effortless to install, allowing you to change your filter in less than a minute without any open sumps.

It has a three-stage filtering system, which makes it very small in size, saving you a lot of space, unlike the other five or six stages under sink water filters. The Whirlpool WHER25 Reverse Osmosis has a very long-life span. It has materials that can last for years without too much wear and tear.

It uses reverse osmosis technology that provides high-quality drinking water right from your kitchen under the sink. It can also fit in the bathroom under the sink, which ensures that your whole household has a supply of filtered clean water.

It comes with the DIY set up guide that requires no extra professional or technical skills and tools to set up. All you need is to plug the filter into the faucet hose under the sink. You do not even need to turn off your main water supply.

It is NSF certified and thoroughly tested to ensure that it can perform at extreme conditions very effectively. A unique feature that comes with the Whirlpool WHER25 Reverse Osmosis is an event change indicator light that alerts you when it is time to replace the filter. It usually needs a replacement every six months, and a membrane changes every two years to keep it at peak performance.

It can remove all traces of harmful water impurities ranging from chromium IV, chromium III, copper, nitrate, nitrite, selenium, ammonium, bicarbonate impurity, bromide, radium, magnesium, phosphide, zinc, sodium, bacteria, and other harmful water chemicals.


  • It is NSF certified
  • Has an easy installation process
  • Removes all traces and Chromium contamination
  • Uses a reverse osmosis filtration


  • Has a 3-stage filtration system which might not be as effective as filters with 5, 6 or 7 filtration stages

Express Water Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

The Express Water Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System removes almost 100% of all lead, fluoride, nitrate, arsenic, and bacterial contamination, through reverse osmosis technology.

express water reverse osmosis water filtration system

Therefore, if you would like to know what freshwater taste like after purification, then the Express water under sink water filter is your best option.

It is well-engineered to set up without spending any tools or hiring a professional to install. It has very easy to follow installation guide, and with practice, you will be able to fix it in under a minute. It uses a self refill and activation technology that enables it to refill and activate the system without any mess.

It utilizes a reverse osmosis technology to purify and filter drinking water, which removes up to 99.99% of all contaminants. These impurities range from asbestos, harmful bacteria, or viruses from pharmaceutical contamination and hundreds of other water impurities.

It has a very long-life span that can provide consistent purified and freshwater up to six months without the need for placement. It is very compact, which enables it to fit under the sink counter without any inconvenience. 

It is the best option for under the sink water filter for residential buildings, apartments, homesteads, as well as industry and other extensive uses.

On your purchase, you will get a 4-gallon water tank with this under sink water filter. This tank fits together with the filter compartment under the kitchen sink to provide storage and for instant access to purified water.


  • It is NSF certified
  • Has an additional 4-gallon storage tank and tank stand
  • Works well under pressures of up to 80 PSI
  • It is effortless to install
  • Uses reverse osmosis water filtration technology


  • Its lifespan could be longer

Aquasana 3-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System

The Aquasana 3-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System has one of the highest flow rates in under sink water filter market. It can power through half a gallon of water supply every single minute. 

aquasana 3-stage under sink water filter system

It is very affordable and can last up to six months and supply 600 gallons of clean water before needing replacement. 

It is effortless to replace and can install quickly enough into the main water supply to your sink without any plumbing necessary. It is NSF certified and can remove up to 99% of disease-causing contamination such as mercury, asbestos, lead, pharmaceutical contaminants such as chlorine as well as chloramine.

It utilizes Claryum filter machine technology that traps harmful contaminants. This system allows only minerals that are beneficial to your health, such as small traces of potassium and calcium. It has a very sleek design metal faucet made of 100% lead-free material to match your kitchen decor.


  • Very easy to install
  • Removes 99% of most disease-causing contaminations
  • Has a high flow rate
  • NSF certified


  • Only last up to six months

Under Sink Water Filter Buying Guide

An under-sink water filter is designed to fit right under your kitchen or bathroom’s sink. The filter plugs into the water supply pipes that connect to your water taps. Before the tap water reaches your water bottle for drinking, it passes through a filtration system. The system removes all impurities and contamination, such a disease-causing bacteria and dangerous chemicals.

The quality and the functionality of these water filters vary according to design and engineering. Some water filters are not that good in eliminating impurities as compared to others. 

Under sink filter manufacturers have tried to design different types of water filtration technology that are more efficient. This technology not only wipes out impurities from your drinking water but also adds beneficial minerals to your water source, such as calcium potassium, as well as iron.

The installation process

One of the things you should consider is the technicalities of setting an under-sink water filter. When buying filtration systems with a lot of components, it can be a little bit tricky to install. An effective water filtration system requires you to plug in and start using it immediately. Therefore, before investing in an under-sink water filtration system, you should estimate how much you will need in terms of time and finance.

Maintenance and durability

Proper under sink water filters do not demand a lot of your attention and time for them to be operational. It means that after the initial setup and installation, the water filter should be able to operate on its own without requiring a lot of maintenance. However, you should always check under the sink to ensure that the water filter is working well and not leaking.

The impurities the under-sink water filter filters out

Different brands of under sink water filters remove different types of water impurities. Therefore, before buying a water filter, you should ensure that it removes all harmful contaminants from your water supply. High-grade under sink water filtration systems are a bit expensive. However, if you consider the effect they provide to your health, they are worth the investment.

The cost of installing an under-sink water filtration system

Cost is another factor to consider when by the under-sink water filtration system. You should also know that different filters have different requirements from accessories such as a water tap and installation hoses. Therefore, you should do a complete budget and cost analysis of everything that you require for your under the sink water filtration system to be up and running.


Why are under sink water filter better than other filtration systems?

 If you consider most of the conventional filtration systems, they consume a lot of space. They might not even blend well with your decor. It means that you will need to invest a little bit of space in installing them, for instance, a countertop water filter.

Under-sink filters are designed to fit under your sink, thus, saving you a lot of space. Also, considering they hide away from plain sight, they will not interfere with your interior decor as opposed to countertop water filters.

They are also not that expensive as compared to other water filters, and maintaining them is not that demanding. 

How does underwater sink filter work?

All under sink filtration systems use a system known as activated carbon filtration technology. This technology is the most convenient method of processing purified drinking water as well as keeping it free from bad smell and harmful contaminants. 

Different types of under sink water filtration system will have activated carbon filters with enhanced capabilities to remove water impurities and chemical traces. Therefore, the level of filtration depends on the design of the under-sink filtration system.


A good under sink water filter is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. It ensures that you can confidently hydrate your body without the worries of getting sick from contamination in the water supply. I hope this article enlightened you enough to make the right decision.

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