8 Best Water Bottle With Filter Reviews

In all your travels, hauling a water bottle with a filter is a perfect idea. So, whether you want to go hiking, riding, or sight-seeing, grab a high-quality water bottle.

The water you see may be clean and odorless. But until it drips into your body, and you start to experience stomach aches and diarrhea, you will never take caution. By the way, most contaminants cannot be seen or smelled.

If you do not want to risk gulping “dirty water,” each time you go for an outing, read on. I have researched several water bottles with built-in filters. And in this guide, I narrow down to eight of them in this review.

GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier [+Filter] Bottle

Key Features:

  • Compact; weighs 10.9 oz.
  • Capacity 473 ml or 16 oz.
  • BPA-free Polypropylene #5
grayl ultralight water purifier bottle

GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle is indeed ultralightweight, considering it weighs in at just 10.9 ounces. The compact design makes for the traveler’s perfect on-the-go solution.

Having been molded from BPA-free Polypropylene plastic, you can only imagine it is a safe container. Its small and lightweight footprint makes it easy to use. It is also convenient to open and refill.

With just a simple press of the inner container, your water is filtered. The filtration removes a wide range of contaminants in water, including chemicals, disease-causing microorganisms such as Salmonella and Rotavirus. You also have silt filtered off, plus, lead, and arsenic.

The product is clean, tasty, and safe drinking water. The bottle offers full features of a filtration system – there is an integrated cup and a bottle, among other useful features. This bottle can give you over 16 ounces of water per filtration.

The filtration cartridge is made to last for 150 liters — not the most ideal for long backpacking trips.

Verdict: It is the top choice bottle on this list. Although its capacity is not the largest, the bottle is very lightweight and safe to use thanks to the BPA-free plastic material.


  •  Easy to use
  • High-quality filtration
  • Tasty and safer water


  • Not ideal for group trips

LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle

Key Features

  • Weighs 23 oz.
  • 2-stage Carbon Filtration
  • BPA-free Tritan
lifestraw go water filter bottle

LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle may be your choice if you are looking for durable and yet highly functional equipment. The bottle gives you clean water thanks to the 2-stage Carbon Filter. The filtration features a carbon capsule, which is combined with a hollow fiber membrane.

LifeStraw Go is a bit bulky compared to GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier. This is because it weighs in at 23 oz. The bottle has a robust system that leaves no queer taste in your water. It can be used to purify stream and pond water, and you do not risk any bit of your health.

With the food-grade silicone mouthpiece, your bottle remains clean and safe from harmful bacteria.

The travel-style bottle comes with replaceable filters, just like most bottles of the same type. Thankfully, the bottle is also leak-proof.

Verdict: Overall, the bottle is a good option if you are looking for a travel-style bottle on the cheap.


  • Reusable filters
  • 2-stage carbon filter
  • Durable


  • Difficult to draw water through a straw

CamelBak Groove .6L Water Bottle

Key Features

  • 48 gallons or three months lifespan
  • NSF-certified
  • Plant-based filters
  • Lifetime guarantee
camelbak groove .6l water bottle

CamelBak Groove Water Bottle comes as an NSF-certified container. It features a loop handle, which is pretty easy to use in any environment.

CamelBak Groove also uses plant-based filters. These types of filters are poised to serve you for a reasonable amount of time – in this case, three months. During this lifespan, the bottle offers you 48 gallons of water.

Just like most other bottles, this one is user-friendly. You can open and refill effortlessly while sipping water out of it is quite a breeze courtesy of the filter-built-in straw.

The CamelBak Groove is available in both plastic and steel versions. The models are mostly backed with a lifetime warranty. This bottle offers drinkers a capacity of 0.6 liters per filtration.

The BPA-free Tritan material ensures that you are safe as you use the bottle.

Verdict: Overall, a stylish bottle that also offers vibrant functionality. It is easy to use and durable.


  • NSF-certified
  • Plant-based filters offer 48 gallons of water
  • Lightweight


  • Small carrying capacity; you will need to refill each time and again

Sawyer Products SP140 Personal Water Bottle Filter

Key Features

  • Fast flow rate
  • 0.1 Micron Water Filter
  • Weighs 34 oz.
sawyer products sp140 personal water bottle filter

The Sawyer Personal Water Bottle is another top-quality bottle you may need around due to excellent filtration mechanism. The 0.1 absolute micron filters keep off even the tiniest of particles. And the result is extremely clean and safe drinking water.

There’s watertight or reliable protection of the delicate hollow fiber membranes. This is the guarantee that your fibers remain intact for a long time. The seals used to encase the fibers are tested three times to ensure that they are indeed up to the task.

With the fast flow rate, you can also rest assured of continuous water supply for convenient drinking. Whether you are in the rainforests or areas where tap water is suspect, this bottle ticks the critical boxes.

Verdict: Overall, one of the best bottles for everyday use, including domestic functions. The elite-level 0.1 absolute micron filters are some of the most efficient in the industry.


  • Top-level filtration system
  • Holds lots of water
  • Highly versatile


  • A bit heavy for travel

KOR Nava BPA Free 650ml Filter Water Bottle

Key Features

  • Carbon-activated coconut shell filter
  • NSF-certified
  • Easy flow technology
kor nava bpa free 650ml filter water bottle

For KOR Nava Filter Water Bottle users, there is everything good to smile about the overall design. The ergonomic bottle design comes with a cap; you will find it extremely easy to use. The cap protects the spout and allows for smooth opening of the bottles – just by a simple push of a button.

The bottle comes as a compact model. Into its overall design, are BPA-free plastic construction and carbon activated coconut shell filter. Both these features are good news for the health and safety of the user.

Besides, the users also get to enjoy the easy-flow technology. You do not need to hassle to suck or drink water from the bottle.

The unit is NSF-certified and is known to be a perfect remover of chlorine and its compounds. Therefore, you can be sure of tasty, odorless water.

Verdict: Overall, a good bottle dubbed as one of the best chlorine removers.


  • Safe and healthy filters
  • Comes with a cushioned bottom
  • Easy to use cap


  • Some customers complain that the bottle makes little squeaks when drinking water.

Seychelle Extreme Water Filter Bottle

Key Features

  • Weighs 28 oz.
  • 2 microns filters
  • Durable food-standard materials
seychelle extreme water filter bottle

Seychelle Extreme is one of the most valued water bottles with filters. Thanks to its wide-spectrum contaminant filtration. With its efficient micro-filtration technology, you keep five different types of contaminants stopped from reaching your mouth.

The activated coconut carbon filters can be used even in environments with extreme contamination. Whether you want to eliminate bad taste or odors or other toxic metals, Seychelle Extreme puts in some of the best performances.

On your trips, the bottle provides easy usage. You can drink water on the go since you only need to squeeze the footprint, and you will be enjoying your clean, tasty water.

Verdict: Overall, this bottle fits your bill if you want a multi-purpose container. It is designed to work your water in the most extreme environments.


  • Versatile
  • Squeezable bottle
  • Advanced filtration mechanism


  • Not durable

SurviMate Filtered Water Bottle

Key Features

  • 4-stage filtration system
  • 1500 liters water output
  • Durable
  • Bottle capacity is 650 Mls
survimate filtered water bottle

This SurviMate Filtered Water Bottle comes with a unique design. The ergonomic construction combines with a lightweight footprint to provide a solid unit. Into this build, are durable materials that are also tough and safe for holding water.

The unit is constructed to resist easy falling. Besides, it is compact and lightweight, which makes carrying it quite a cinch.

Of more importance is the 4-stage filtration mechanism. This system can eliminate the most dangerous contaminants standing in your water. And they include medical-grade fibers, activated coconut carbon, beads and cotton.

You will love the massive 1500-liter lifespan. This means that filters will take a considerably longer life before being replaced.

Verdict: Overall, the SurviMate Filtered Water Bottle is a good option for those people looking for durable and thorough filtered water bottles.


  •  High-quality water filters that last long
  • 1500 liters of water per year
  • Lightweight


  • A bit hard to suck water

Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle

Key Features

  • 26 oz
  • Hard-sided plastic
  • 40 gallons of water lifespan
brita premium filtering water bottle

For a budget buy, Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle represents value for your money. The bottle consists of convenient features, including a lightweight build for portability. The design is also leak-proof; the lid tightly closes to ensure that your drink is adequately held, never to spill or drip.

Besides, the bottle is durable, thanks to the hard-sided plastic materials used in its construction. You also get a straw, which makes your sipping quite easy when drinking your water.

It takes 40 gallons only to replace the filters. This is a downside for people who are looking for units with extended lifespans. The bottle boasts double-wall insulation to ensure that your water sustains the same temperatures as it was first filled into the bottle.

Verdict: Overall, this is the right bottle choice. It is very lightweight and offers leak-proof functionality.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Provides one gallon of water per day
  • Convenient handle and lid and leak-proof


  • Not long lifespan

Best Water Bottle with Filter Buying Guide

Selecting a suitable filtered water bottle may not be easy for some people. However, it is paramount to know what specific features you want in a bottle with a filter.

Here is a crisp criterion you can use to decide on your final choice of the best water bottle with filter.

Know the Purpose for the Bottle

Knowing the purpose for which you need the filtered water bottle is very important. In other words, what are you looking to filter?

Generally, you need to look for a unit versatile enough to handle a wide range of contaminants. It should be able to eliminate bad taste, odor, heavy metal poisoning, among other toxic chemicals. Other pollutants that need to be removed include parasites, bacteria, viruses, etc.

If you are using the filtered water bottle for mostly tap water, you may need to consider a unit that is meant to remove chemical compounds only.

Material Type

As usual, you need to look for top-quality material construction. Most bottles are made of plastic or stainless steel.

The bottom line is to ensure that the material used to construct your bottle is safe and recommended to be used for holding food.

Ensure that you check for BPA-free materials if plastic. BPA is a dangerous compound. Containers made of plastics containing BPA or Bisphenol A pose many health risks to users. Especially if you are going to need to use them for a long time.

The BPA degrades and finds its way into your water. This can expose you to cancer and related illnesses.

Fortunately, the models mentioned above are made of BPA-free plastics. Which means you will be safe and healthy as you use the bottles.

Stainless steel is durable and ensures that your liquids are not changing their tastes.

Type of Water Filter

The carbon-filters are some of the best on the market. They are also very common and cheap. They are better equipped to remove bad smell and taste caused by chlorine and chloramine and other notorious chemical contaminants.

However, we also have another type called UV filters. These ones may not be suited to eliminating chemical compounds but are perfect for sterilizing your water and leave it bacteria virus-free.

Depending on your preference, you might need to choose which one fits you. Besides, you can combine both filter types to benefit from the synergy of the two filters.


You need to consider a filtered water bottle that has an extended lifespan in it. It all starts with high-quality materials used in the overall construction.

The rule of thumb is to look for an entity that is resistant to breakage and damage when it collapses. Observe the lid, spout, straw, the body, and ensure they are all functional and in perfect condition.

Most products you have seen above are durable. Although the aspect of durability comes for a price. Bottles with cheap materials are definitely not going to stay around for long.

The other thing you also need to consider is the durability of the filters. Make sure you look for filters with a long life so that you will not be replacing them time and again.


You need to keep off buying cheap bottles. You will only end up replacing them within just short periods.

While you do not want to blow your budget for a simple bottle, you need to do your homework well. Then invest in a high-quality design – it might cost a lot of bucks, but it is worth it.

Why You Need a Water Bottle with Filter

There are so many reasons why you may need to buy a filtered water bottle. Next, are some of the reasons why you need to buy one or a couple of them.


This bottle allows you to purify or filter your water before you drink. And you can do this from just any location.

As long as you have it with you, you can trust any source of water that comes your way. This can range from tap water or water from streams, rivers, lakes, etc. This makes the bottle a go-to solution for all your drinking needs.

Reliable Alternative to Traditional Filtration Methods

Perhaps you have the best under sink water filters in your home. Or a countertop filter for that matter. Or the best of all, arguably – reverse osmosis filters.

However, these are in your house. You will not be fetching them everywhere you go either. This means that you must have a reliable alternative. And a filtered water bottle ticks this box.


One area that every individual seeks to amend in any department is the cost aspect. Overall, these bottles are not that expensive. As opposed to bottled water, where you need to buy newer ones each time you want to quench your thirst, filtered water bottles are the perfect opposite.

You buy only once, and it takes you through months and even years. And the result is evident – a lot of bucks saved in the process. All you need to do is refill your tap water and drink.


When it comes to matters of the environment, these bottles score a top grade. They are never going to be a problem for the environment.

Bottled water on the other hand, leave our environment in a dilapidated state. Thanks to the one-time bottles which are disposed of immediately after use.

For filtered water bottles, you buy one, and it will take you through many months or years of use. This means that you will not be throwing these bottles around as it is the case of bottled water. Thus, when you use these bottles, it is a huge favor to the environment.

In Conclusion

The best water bottle with a filter is a must-have for travelers. As you traverse the world in whatever means you want, a reliable bottle for your water is much needed.

The quality of water is not the same across the different locations you are visiting, remember. The various models I have reviewed in this guide are very useful and efficient in their performances.

So that you do not second-guess if the water is safe or not, grab one of the eight featured in this review.

Personally, I would recommend this GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle. It is lightweight, user-friendly, and produces tasty and safer water for drinking.

Otherwise, you can turn to the buying guide. It packs a punch in case you are not up for the recommended models in this post.

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