Eddy Electronic Water Descaler Complete Review (Water Softener Alternative)

Before going further, we want to clarify that it is not the water softener but solves the problems the same as a water softener. The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler limescale the problems with its salt-free solution. It uses the magnetic field for softening the water which is different from other softening systems.  This means the chemical composition of water does not changes but in spite of this, it will change the reaction of water with appliances and pipes.

The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler does not alter the TDS of the water but only acts as the water softener. Due to this, healthy minerals in the water remains there. Calcium and magnesium like minerals which are good for our health are remains there in the water but they are harmful to the appliances so, in the home, they are not allowed to cause any type of limescale.

Performance of Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

Certain elements present in hard water causes some negative effects and so electromagnetism is used by the Eddy Electronic Descaler to reduce those negative effects. When electromagnetic waves are sent through the water, they mainly target to the calcium and magnesium crystals present in the water and alter their forms.

And due to this, very less binding of these minerals takes place with pipes, boilers, taps and other appliances present in the home. When these crystals are stopped from interacting with their surrounding, there are very fewer chances of limescale. If you want to know more about how magnetic softener works then you can check out here.

These minerals are not removed from the water and it is important to consider. They cause limescale to pipes and appliances and becomes a pest for them but their presence in water is healthy for us for drinking purposes. So we can say that Eddy system does a clever job by not eliminating the minerals and simply changes their chemical state.

After when the state of minerals is altered, they do not actually become softer but their property becomes the same as soft water and due to this there are no chances of limescale problem. But if you want to test the water hardness with a water hardness kit then the composition will be the same as that of the incoming water supply.

The system needs 110 Volts of supply to run as the entire system is electronically based. The power requirement is very less and runs even at 5 watts. And so this requires a very small cost of electricity to run.

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler Properties

The unique thing about this is that it is not an actual cartridge but actually an electronic device. There are coils with the machine and it is coiled very well around the piping. It produces an electromagnetic wave and this wave interact with the water. It helps to stop the limescale from sticking to pipes.

What does Eddy Electronic Descaler Remove?

Surprisingly, this system does not add or remove anything to the water and also there is no change in the TDS value of the water at all. Since everything happens with the interaction of the electromagnetic field so there is no direct interact of the product with the water.

This is done so that there is no formation of limescale inside your faucet and pipes and also emulate softened water. There is no addition of salt in the water. Calcium and magnesium minerals will remain there.

Technical specifications and Features Of Eddy Electronic Descaler

1. Cost: Cost is also a deciding factor for a customer to buy the product or not. Everyone can buy this as its cost is very affordable. The cost of Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is 199.00 dollars.

2. Electromagnetic water softener: Eddy Electronic Device produces an electromagnetic wave which directly interacts with water present in the pipe. And alter the minerals present in the water like calcium and magnesium. Due to this, there is no formation of limescale and hard water problems get reduced.

3. Power requirement: As Eddy Electric Descaler is an electronic device, it is 110 volts system and runs even at 5 watts correctly. It has very low power usage.

4. Size: The Eddy Electric Descaler Water Softener dimension is 6.7*1.6*3.5 in inches. Its weight is only 2 pounds which is very less so easy to carry and very compact.

Installation of Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

Contents in the set of Eddy Water Descaler are very simple. Within the box, there will be an Eddy Water Descaler and 4 wires. There are no plumbing changes so there is no requirement for a plumber to install it. You have to do only is to plug the machine and let it rest somewhere or attach with the wall. This is all you need to do and nothing else. One thing is to make sure that wires are properly coiled around the pipe.

There is no wrenches or nails in the set. There is a need to mount the bracket and you can go on. In this, the AC adapter is also present. There is one thing to consider that the device should not be mounted to the outdoors. It is 100% electric and not waterproof. So when it gets wetted, there are chances that with malfunction there will be a fire threat.

Its installation process is the simplest one and anyone can install it within 5 minutes.

  • The first thing to do is wind the wires properly around the pipes of your cold water supply.
  • Second, mount the power unit on a flat surface or a nearby wall. Try to mount it near a power source and for this, there are adhesive pads provided with this. Plugged the red cable to the red input and yellow cable to the yellow input.
  • Finally, plug it in and check whether all lights are liting or not?

Things Not To Like In Eddy Electric Water Descaler

1. No permanent hard water solution: It is not a permanent hard water solution because there are chances that within 48 hours the water will revert back to the hard water. And this is its major disadvantage.

If water is very hard, then the magnetic system is not much effective to make the water soft. Due to this, scale building in your pipes not reduced but only delayed.

2. There is no effect on iron or lead pipes: If the pipes of your home are made up of iron or lead then this will make overall no effect to the water. Because magnetic reaction will not take place.

A 12-month money back guarantee sounds good but also read the fine print. All will be good if you return this within 30 days but after that, there will be some ‘amazon restock fee’.


  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee and free replacement is there if it breaks down.
  • There is no interaction of this with your water. No salt is added by this to your water.
  • There is no removal of essential minerals like calcium and magnesium.
  • Replacement warranty and lifetime repair.
  • The magnetic field is the main characteristic of this and it defeats the all nasty buildup.
  • Very cheap to maintain it or overall no requirement of money to maintain it.
  • No plumber is required so there are no plumbing charges.


  • It is not an actual softener. The chemical state of water is only altered by this.
  • It is not waterproof so this cannot be installed outdoors.
  • If the water hardness level is more than 20 GPG, then it is not suggested.
  • It is unable to remove 100% of hard water.

Conclusion – Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

If your need is that every drop of your water should be soft then you need to buy Eddy Electric Descaler. You can increase the lifetime of your home appliances by using this water softener i.e., Eddy Electric Descaler.

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