How Long do Water Filters Last?

Well, you want to get the best of everything. And that holds good for your water filters as well.

So, how long would you expect your water filters to last? Or how long do they last? Before we can move ahead to understand how long do they last, it should be noted that they will not continue to serve you better without being serviced or maintained.

The key to getting a longer service from your filter is to ensure that you are servicing it- particularly cleaning it from time to time.

How long do water filters last?

There may not be a definitive response to that question. Multiple factors might have an impact on the life of a water filter. Some of these factors include the condition of the water that passes into the water filter from your supply and the amount of water being circulated through the filter.

The efficiency set by the manufacturers and the limitations of the filter can also contribute to how long will a water filter last.

Why should you change the filters? Well, if you do not, you will not continue to get the same degree of functionality that you would expect from a brand new water filter. The reason for changing the filter will be akin to changing your clothes.

The simple reason is your filters get dirty as they keep cleaning water. With the use of the filters over time, it tends to get clogged and stop functioning the way it has been supposed to.

A water filter is designed to provide you with an option to keep your water supply clean by preventing rust and other impurities from getting into your water supply. When your filter is overused and clogged, you will find that it will allow the same impurities that it is supposed to prevent.

What effects does an overused filter have?

Well, the major consideration should be the cleanliness of the water. It will affect the purity of water to a considerable level, and the water will be full of impurities. This can make you vulnerable to health issues.

When your filter is not working to its optimum functionality, you will be allowing the water replete with the impurities into your faucets, showers and other plumbing equipment.

The impure water can have serious implications with your equipment plumbing fixtures due to the high degree of damage these impurities can cause. This can reduce the lifespan of these fixtures. The impure water can also cause issues like scale formation or other similar problems with your boilers.

How to change water filters?

This is something that would be dependent upon the water filtration system you are using for your water supply. Some of the water filtration systems will want you to replace one or two filters. The exact type of filters and the types of filters will be dependent upon the system used for cleaning your water supply.

A water filtration system can consist of a couple of filters, a sediment filter, and a sub-micron post filter. It may also come with a couple of prefilters as well. Please note that not every water filtration system comes with all these components. Each of these filters come with different replacement timeline.

A sediment filter will ideally need a replacement every six months. The actual time may be dependent upon the condition of water that is being fed into the water filtration system. If your water is too unclean, it may need frequent replacement. The sub-micron post filter may need replacement at least annually.

The number of sediments in your water supply may have a lot of residues depending upon the quality of water in your region. In such a case, your filter may need a frequent change of filters. Same goes for the level of hardness in your water supply.

If you quite a few people using the clean water at your home, this can also affect the lifespan of your filters and cartridges.

Some of the water filters arrive with an extra set of filters. While this may be true in case of high-end options, the budget water filtration systems may not come with the extra filters.

In such a case, you will need to get yourself a new set of filters well in advance. This will help you change the filters exactly when there is a problem. Some of the filters will come with additional filters like UV Filter or Water Softener and Descaler.

Factors to be considered while changing water filters

Like we stated here, several aspects would influence the lifespan of your filter. One of the indicators that would give you information on the condition of the water being dispensed is the colour or taste of the water. There might be bad odour or foul taste coming from the water. Slower water output can also be an indication of clogged or damaged filters.

The new age filters have an indicator through the beeps and LEDs to indicate the existence of impurities or filter deterioration.

This can help you understand that it is time to change the filters. Customer-centric water filter manufacturers have a specific service wherein they remind you to change the filters.

If your water filter brand comes with such an option, you can sign up for the service. In most cases, the sign-up and reminder services are available for free, while you will be charged for any of the new water filters you order from them.

The Final Thoughts

Changing water filters from time to time is a must if you want to get the best out of your water filtration system.

However, it may be essential to understand the exact lifespan of your filters and learn how long does your water filter last.

Though there are no options to check the validity of the filters accurately and when exactly you need to change them, the above discussion should have provided you with enough inputs in taking a call.

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