How to Change PUR Water Filter?

PUR pitchers consist of a unique filter, which works to clean water and make it useful for drinking. However, the filter is prone to wear and tear, and you should have it replaced after a while of use. Usually, the PUR filter comes with information that indicates the lifespan of the filter. It is often in the form of a light indicator, which lights green to show the water filter is still good. That said, if it turns yellow, then this will be an indication of the change in the water filter soon. When the light turns red, you may have to change the water filter immediately, because it may no longer be functional.

steps in changing pur water filter
  1. Remove the lid from the PUR water pitcher
  2. Get the old filter out, and pour tray from the pitcher
  3. Then install the new filter in the pitcher, and then soak it in some cold water for a few minutes. Ensure that you cover the entire water filter and that it sits in the water.
  4. You then have to remove the new filter from the pitcher and place it aside on a paper towel.
  5. Clean the pitcher, and remove the tray and lid by using some hot water and soap
  6. The next step is to hold the filter and a faucet and flush it clean with some water for a few seconds. 
  7. Put the pour tray back in the pitcher. 
  8. You will then have to pour the tray back in the pitcher.
  9. Stick the new filter in the aperture that you will find in the central section of the pour tray. Remember that only the top part of the water filter should sit above the bottom of this given tray. Then, turn the water filter to lock it into position.
  10. Pour some cold water into the pour tray in the pitcher.  The cold water will travel through the tray, and into the top section of the filter, and gets to the reservoir in the bottom of the pitcher. Place the lid back on the pitcher, and the water should be ready for consumption at this point. 
  11. Hold down the filter button, which you find on the pitch lid for a few seconds. The aim of this is to help reset the filter.

Factors Associated with Changing PUR Water Filter

As with most water filters, you will require a small amount of maintenance when using PUR water filters. This will involve changing the water filter, and the process only requires a few steps.

PUR also helps to remove well over 97% of the chlorine taste and odor from tap water, to leave the water clean and fresh.

Also, changing water filters is crucial as this will ensure you enjoy optimal water quality. Even if you feel the water filter will keep functioning for a long time, replacing them is still essential.

Most people want clean and pure water to consume, especially at home, and this is just the first part of the equation. The next step is to determine the amount of water you want to use, and the lifespan of your filter in relation to such an amount.

Why You Should Learn How to Change PUR Filters

You must learn how to change PUR water filters for your convenience. Replacing a water filter in your pitcher plays a significant role in the lifecycle of the product. The reasoning behind this is that the requirements for its functionality are simple.

As the filter cleans more water, so does the amount of residue it collects. Thus, when the water filter can’t collect any more wastes such as lead, you may have to perform a replacement process.

Therefore, this is why changing the filter might become a regular process. You may have to ensure the filters operate at optimal capacity for the best results. Thus, a good pitcher should provide over 1000 cups of water before you consider a replacement process. 

The good news is that filter replacement is a simple process that will require a few seconds, and you can do it DIY. You don’t necessarily have to go to a professional service to help you with the process. It is safe and straightforward, especially when you have the correct steps and procedures involved.


Maintaining the quality of your water is a crucial aspect of your health. Thus, if you use water filters, it’s good if you learn about how they work and more. In this guide, we have gone in-depth into how to change PUR water filter for your convenience. When you have this information, you will find it easy to change the water filter, and reduce maintenance costs as well. Yes, many filter owners may go for replacements sooner than expected, which can become a costly affair. Thus, it’s best to perform the replacement at the right time, and by using the correct techniques.

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