How Long Do ZeroWater Filters Last: Complete Guide & Review

In independent laboratory testing, it comes out that there is much difference between ZeroWater filters and all other filters. ZeroWater filters also deionize the water along with using an activated carbon filter. In other words, we can say that ZeroWater filter removes everything which is essential to remove from water- that is the reason they advertise that on TDS meter, their filters shows a “000” reading.

It is the winner in independent laboratory test among all filters which are available in the market by comparing their number of dissolved solids left after filtering. In this, everything was included from contaminants like lead to chlorine. ZeroWater like filters is able to filter those dangerous contaminants from water and make water safe to drink. ZeroWater removes all dissolved solids due to which water testing is completely pure.

Water filters like Brita, MAVEA, and PUR are also capable of removing heavy metals like lead and chromium but according to NSF International and Water Quality Association, than any other filter, ZeroWater is more effective in removing those elements.

In ZeroWater filter, there is the option for the user due to the spout at the bottom by which user can either pour water from the typical spout or can pour water from the spout at the bottom.

What Is The Need Of Filtering?

Since municipalities claim that their tap water is safe to drink and due to this some might think that using water filter is an unnecessary burden on pocket. So is it really so that the second stage of filtration is not needed?

First thing to consider that most of the municipalities water but not all that leaves the treatment plant are safe to drink but the tap water travels through those pipes which are very aged and due to this some level of lead which is very unsafe can mix-up with the water makes it unhealthy to drink and also there are some kind of unhealthy metals which are present in those pipes.

It is true that only ZeroWater filter is not the only filter which can filter tap water but it is more affordable than other filters whose installations are very expensive like Reverse Osmosis (RO). ZeroWater filters are also more effective than the installed one.

If there is to talk about convenience, you can fit a portable water filter into
your refrigerator shelf and its capability of water filtering is almost comparable to an RO system and due to this, this is a good option in the current market.

To Find Best Water Filter

There are three primary factors which you should consider to choose the best water filter:

Water Quality:  The most important thing to consider while choosing a water filter pitcher is that the water quality produced by the filter. After all, removal of harmful substances from the water is the main reason for buying a water filter pitcher, so a water filter must do it effectively.

Ergonomics Of The Pitcher: It is also an important thing to consider. The water filter should be such that we can carry and hold it easily and also its lid should fit snugly so that filtered water can’t come out while lifting it from the refrigerator.

Taste: Filtered water should taste good or at least taste clean. But the taste is also depended largely on individual preference. If chlorine and other metals are removed from the water then it will significantly contribute to the water taste.

Why ZeroWater Filters Are Different

The working of ZeroWater filters is different than other filters you buy. Most of the water filter pitcher uses an ion-exchange resin and activated carbon due to which contaminants get attached with the filter and allow pure water to flow.

ZeroWater uses 5-stage filtering process, which also includes activated carbon and an ion-exchange resin, so it is different. Due to this, water produced by it is free from almost all harmful contaminants and produced water quality is the same as the reverse osmosis and distillation process.

What To Like About ZeroWater Filter

ZeroWater removes all the dissolved solids present in the water and reading of its water is also “000” in TDS meter. There is also one thing to like that there is no need to presoaked the filter before using.

It is quite ergonomic. There is a spout at the bottom, so it is easy to pour the water into the cup without taking out the entire pitcher from the refrigerator. These filters are also able to recycled and recharged.

You must subscribe to the ZeroWater mailing list if you are interested as they offer discounts occasionally to their customers. For recycling of their filters, a $10 rebate coupon is offered by ZeroWater for every two filters.

How Long Do ZeroWater Filters Last

ZeroWater filter is also certified by NSF International like other major brands and is capable to remove inorganic matter pesticides and other harmful compounds. One disadvantage of the ZeroWater filter is that it not lasts longer than other filters due to its excellent filtering capacity.

In a lifetime of ZeroWater filter, it removes about 18,000 milligrams of dissolved solids before there is a need to replace it. It means that amount of water that can be filtered out by this filter is totally depends on the number of solids that are dissolved in your tap water.

According to ZeroWater, you will be able to filter about 25 to 40 gallons water by one filter as this is reported by most of the consumers in the US by assuming that the value of total dissolved solids (TDS) is in the range of 51-200.

ZeroWater filter also says that TDS of municipalities water is 500 and higher- due to this water filtered by these filters will be significantly less in this case before there is a need to replace
them. So from these examples, it is clear that ZeroWater filter durability is totally dependent on the value of TDS in the water which is checked by TDS meter. So we can not predict how long it will last.

ZeroWater Pitcher Filter Comparison To Other Filters

These comparisons are with ZeroWater 10-Cup Pitcher. A larger size of ZeroWater filters is also available like ZeroWater 23-Cup Pitcher…

1. Brita vs ZeroWater

In testing, ZeroWater is the winner. For three decades, Brita is in the market of North America and the reason is that it is less expensive and also one of the fastest water filter. If you want a least expensive and faster water filter then you can go for Brita.

2. PUR vs ZeroWater

It is very disappointing that PUR water filter takes longer time than other filters to filter water. The taste of water is also polarizing but some people also like the PUR water taste. It is certified by WQA that PUR is able to reduce 99% of lead from water and also reduce other 22 contaminants. PUR is able to provide 30 gallons of filtered water within one or two months of use.

It uses activated carbon and ion exchange method to remove the harmful contaminants from the water. It is affordable to use a PUR water filter for tap water than bottled water and it saves about $1000 in a year. Its design is space saving and slim so that it can fit easily in your fridge.

3. MAVEA vs ZeroWater

MAVEA Elemaris 9-Cup Water Filter seems the only filter which beats out the ZeroWater. In spite of that ZeroWater filter filters out the more dissolved solids but the ergonomics of MAVEA is good and also have a recycling program and that is the reason MAVEA pitcher is slightly better overall.

It is made in Germany. MAVEA offers a comprehensive filter recycling program. It is very comfortable to hold the soft handle while scratching or sweating is prevented by feet.

Is Zero Water Is Able To Remove Fluoride And Heavy Metals

ZeroWater is able to filter out mercury, chromium. The design of activated carbon is such that it filters out the organic compounds but it is not guaranteed that it will filter out fluoride from the water. It will filter fluoride up to some extent if water is not heavily fluoridated, if so then the filter will last quickly. Only reverse osmosis is the process which filters out the fluoride completely but it also removes the fluoride which is essential for the body.

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