Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Undersink RO: Review

Home Master TMAFC Artesian has solved many problems that are in the traditional RO system. To double the flow rate of water, it uses large tubing and fittings than traditional reverse osmosis system. The problem in a traditional reverse osmosis system is that it produces demineralized water which is pure but slightly acidic.

Due to this acidic water, the taste of rubber bladder in the storage tank mix up with water and change the taste. The Home Master Artesian remineralizes the water twice to make the water slightly alkaline so that the taste of water can be improved.

It is capable of producing 50 gallons of purified water per day with its 7 stages of filtration. It wastes about 4 gallons of water for producing 1 gallon of purified water while the water wastage also depends on the feed water pressure applied.

Clean, Great-Tasting Water

Seven stages of filtration are used by Home Master Artesian Full Contact and can remove up to 99% of chloramines, chemicals, heavy metals, and other harmful contaminants.

In the carbon prefilters, Home Master RO system uses powerful catalytic carbon filtration which treats the very persistent disinfectant chloramine. Ordinary carbon filters are unable to remove this contaminant which is very stubborn.

Most of the traditional RO systems produce highly pure water but that water is demineralized during the process of filtration and also slightly acidic in nature. And this acidic water attacks the rubber bladder in the tank and due to this some of this dissolves in water and this is called the degradation of the storage tank.

But Home Master Artesian Full Contact prevents this to occur and remineralize the water due to which the pH value of water remains balanced after purification.

When water travels through the storage tank then the first remineralization occurs and when water flows to the faucet then the second remineralization occurs. This makes the water slightly alkaline and prevents the tank from degradation. A small amount of calcium and magnesium about 30-60 mg/l combined to the water through the natural process at both remineralization point.

Special Features of Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Undersink RO

It uses seven filtration stage and this is one of the best features of this RO system which ensures the safety and best quality of water to drink. In carbon prefilters, it uses the catalytic carbon filtration media and due to this, the most stubborn contaminant like chloramine are easily removed.

With this filtration system, you will be assured that 98% of the total contaminants present in the water can be removed. The unique design of Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Undersink Reverse Osmosis System cannot be found in other RO systems like APEC-Top Tier-ROES-50 RO System.

There are some systems which allow you to change the canister while changing the filters. The canister is weakened by the debris collector due to overtime, causes the leaking and due to this, it fails in the long run. This is the problem which is found in traditional RO system but in this, you will get more service with your system with little or no problem.

To change the filters in the traditional RO system, it requires sufficient skills and heavy tools to perform it successfully. But in the case of Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Undersink Reverse Osmosis System, there is no requirement of much skills and also not many tools to change the filters. This makes it more user-friendly and also makes it easier to get clean and safe water.

There is an installation kit which comes with the system and you need not go to any store to buy any type of guides or tools to install the system. There are all the things you need is in the package.

About Filters

There is magic in the filters of the Home Master TMAFC Water Filtration System. The filtration system has a unique modular design and it moves water with ease from one filter to another.

It is a great thing to be noted that it not only adds calcium and magnesium to the purified water but also it does this process twice to confirm that necessary amount is stored in water for maintaining the optimal health.

You can change these filters very easily and you can replace them after they filtered 2000 gallons of water. To find what contaminants are removed by this filter, you can find this on the Home Master website.

System Specifications and Cleaning Efficiency

It is capable of removing 98% of chloramines, heavy metals, dissolved solids, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other contaminants present in the water through reverse osmosis and after that catalytic carbon filtration and sediment and then water is passed twice through the patented remineralization system to add minerals like calcium and magnesium from another new source. The Home Master Artesian has seven stages of filtration and due to this, it produces exceptionally pure water with minerals.

What Is In The Package

You will get all this when you buy the Home Master TMAFC Water Filtration System.

  • Instructions
  • Drain saddle
  • There is no need to assemble the purification unit as RO membrane and filters are already assembled
  • Chrome RO faucet
  • Storage tank
  • RO Faucet adapter
  • 3/8-inch feed water adapter with shut off valve

Benefits of the Home Master TMAFC

There are many benefits of using this filtration system like double-mineralized water for optimal health, better water taste, improved pH value of water after filtration, complete installation kit, 7 stage filtration system. You can also use the Permeate Pump to improve water quality.

Design Of Filtration System

Changing filter elements in the Home Master TMAFC system is easy as it has a modular filter design. Each filter is placed in their own housing, due to this, housing is changed when we change the filter.

Due to this, the problem of the systems that keeps the same housing has been solved and since by removing debris with the help of filter, there are chances that they can remain in the housing and due to this life of the filter may reduce and may also damage the housing of the system.

While replacing the filters, there is also no need for any tool because you have to only push the new filter in by pulling out the old filter. You can change the filter at least once a year. You can find the filter change instructions here.

Efficiency Of Water

The Home Master TMAFC wastes about 4 gallons of water for producing 1 gallon of purified water and so the ratio of wastewater to the purified water produced is 4:1.

The amount of water wastage depends on at which pressure water entered the system. Less water will be wasted when the input pressure is higher. Waste of water is happening due to the use of pre-filtered water by RO system to clean the filter membrane.

Will the Home Master Artesian Full Contact deliver water with zero TDS?

This system will not deliver water with zero TDS but it can reduce the contaminants by up to 99% and also add minerals like calcium and magnesium which will show up on TDS meter but these improve the taste of water.

Installation Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact

Anyone with basic DIY skills is able to install the Home Master TMAFC system and so there is no need for a professional plumber to install it.

During the whole installation process, drilling a hole for the pure water faucet in the sink top is potentially the most difficult part. But a hole is there for a hand sprayer or a soap dispenser then this is not necessary to drill a hole.

There is owner’s manual with full installation instruction can be found here and also there is instruction on how to connect feed pipes and drainage pipes. You can also watch their series of videos on the installation of this system. It is worth to spend some time to watch the installation video as there are some clarifications of the manual instructions.

  • Filter installation introduction video (Click here to watch this)
  • Faucet installation video
  • Fitting the feed water adaptor video
  • Fitting the drain saddle video

You have to check the section 3a of the instruction manual as permeate pump installation is not included in the video instructions.

  • Mounting of the RO unit video
  • Final assembly video


  • There is full contact technology so that water can be remineralized for its better taste and also improves the pH value
  • The lifetime of the filter is two times compared to other competitors- can filter up to 2000 gallons or can last up to 1 year
  • Water storage tank capacity is 4 gallons
  • Capable of removing 98% of chemicals, metals and other dissolved solids
  • Anyone with basic DIY skills can install it within 1 hour
  • Modular filter design so that you can change the filter elements easily
  • Manufacturing warranty is 5 years


  • Water waste rate is very high as it wastes up to 4 gallons of water for purifying 1 gallon of water
  • To kill microorganisms and other harmful bacteria there is no UV light included in this but mostly well and natural water sources are more prone to bacteria problem but only water test can confirm this

You can also go for a similar system with UV light and that system is Home Master TMHP HydroPerfection.


The Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Filter System scored a very high ranking in spite water waste rate is high.

It is so popular because:

  • It remineralizes the water
  • It is easy to maintain
  • Its filter has the longest life
  • It has a 5-year warranty

If you want a system without UV light system but with great tasting water, safe and clean water, and also economical then you can go for this system.

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