How to Install Water Filters?

Nowadays, issues about the purity of drinking water have made it inevitable to install the water filters. Water filters are commonly available across the country & even online since they have become a must needed kitchen appliance.

But how to install a water filter? We will check out the complete details & step by step procedure for installing a water filter in the following paragraphs.

How to Install a water filter?

Installing a water filter is entirely dependent on the type of water filter you are opting for.

If you are using an under the sink water filter, it should be much easier to install the same. You just need to mount the filter unit into the cabinet and connect the plastic tubing.

There may be filtration type of water filters or those that work with reverse osmosis and other technologies. However, it uses the same principle as the under the sink water filters options we just explained.

Installation of Countertop Water Filters

These are one of the best options when you consider ease of installation. They are ready to use in just under a few minutes.

They can be used beside your kitchen sink and work wonderfully for enhanced performance. You should be able to connect it with your kitchen sink with the help of a tube which comes with the filter itself.

Once done, you connect a faucet to your filter cartridge and get enough of the filtered water right away. Most of the countertop filters offer you an easy to follow installation coupled with the best possible filtration functionality.

Zero Installation Water Filters

If you are worried about the issues of installation and looking for the options that will need no setup at all, the Zero installation water filters can be a great alternative. Many gravity water filters come under this category.

These filters do not need to be connected with a pressurized water supply for their functionality. As its indicative from the name itself, the gravity water filters work with the force of gravity alone and thus do not need any additional installation requirements.

Installation of Under the Sink Water Filters

These type of filters need to be installed at a specific location and connected to the pressurised water supply. They need the water to be fed into the system under pressure. They may require an extra effort on your part to install when compared to the other models we just described.

However, if you are a Do It Yourself enthusiast, it should not be a concern for you. Most of the water filters will let you install them in just under 15 minutes.

You can connect directly to your regular water supply or it to an additional tap or inlet. The second option may need you to go for a light amount of plumbing.

If you are not an expert in those things, you can ask the water filter firm to handle the installation part. Of course, they will expect a nominal cost as installation charges.

But, a few manufacturers also offer free installation for the first instance of installation after purchase.

How to select an ideal water filter?

The installation of a water filter will be dependent upon the condition of water that you receive in your local area. You have several options of water filtration depending upon the exact state of the contaminants contained in your water supply.

You can choose the water filter technology and the water filter type based on the specific contaminants you would want to get rid off. You can select among countertop, whole house or under the sink water filter options as per your preferences.

Reverse Osmosis option will help you improve the taste of the water in addition to removing the contaminants. The technology involved is quite simple, and even the installation will be quite simple enough.

It should work best with the default water pressure available at your municipal water supply. Carbon filter water filters would be simple and easy to work with and can ideally be installed by the users without the need for any sort of expert intervention. They can remove the contaminants right from the sizes of 0.5 to 50 microns.

If the supply of water in your area is hard water and not quite tasty as such, it may be a good option to go with ion exchange water filtration technique. The method ideally softens the water. It removes calcium and magnesium ions from the water supply and ensures that your water supply is no longer hard.

Whole house water filter installation can be one of the high-end options you want to go with. It can also be ideal if you are looking for more than one locations within the house for filtered water.

Would we suggest Self-Installation of Water Filters?

Seriously speaking – No. Installation of water filters is a complex process. It may not be ideal to go with a self-installation option if you are not expert in the task or do not have the requisite tools.

It would be advisable to go ahead and hire a professional service provider for this installation task.

Of course, simpler water filter systems can be installed directly by the users themselves, but when it comes to the installation of the advanced filters, it should best be left to the services of the plumbing professional.

However, if you are an expert yourself and want to do it yourself, make sure you are shutting down the water supply to avoid getting flooded by the unwelcome water flow suddenly.

The Concluding Thoughts

Those were a few installation options you can opt for if you are looking to go with the best water filtration techniques for the safety of your family. If you are looking for clean drinking water alone, an under the sink filter can be a good option.

However, if your interest lies in using pure water for complete things you do at your home, the ideal option would be to go with the whole house water filter options for better functionality.

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