How to Recycle Water Filters and Where to Recycle them

Water filters are perhaps one of the best options to save money when compared to the bottled water supplies in addition to serving nature more positively.

But, how to recycle water filters when it is no longer useful, and it is time to replace them? There are recycling programs defined and developed by many water filter manufacturers. Let us take a look at them for a clear understanding of the concept of recycling water filters.

Recycling Water Filters-A true step towards caring for your environment

Most of the manufacturers offer you the best options to recycle your water filters and other consumables used in your water purifiers. Of course, opting for a water filter is an excellent option for all your water consumption needs, when compared to the bottled water.

So, when you are taking enough care of your surroundings by NOT using bottled water, why not go with the best recycling options for your used filters just the way manufacturers want you to.

While not all manufacturers support and offer the options for recycling your used water filters, you can also check out any third-party options available in your region.

How to recycle water filters?

The proper disposal system for recycling of water filters is quite essential. You have come to this post itself is indicative of your concern for the environment and how you want to dispose of your water filters in an environmentally friendly manner.

Following are some of the ways by which you can recycle water filters:

1. Make something useful from used water filters

The recycled water filters can be converted into useful products. Some of the prime examples can be Razor handles or toothbrushes. They can also be converted into cutting boards and cups in some cases.

A part of the water filter can be used for making products like park benches, watering cans, outdoor furniture, and bike racks.

In fact, these products can further be recycled to give them a third life. This is exactly what makes it a great choice for being careful towards nature.

2. Give it to professional recyclers or drop it off at a nearby recycling bin

Thinking of where to recycle water filters? This is one of the best options. You can simply hand it over to professional recyclers who deal with such waste responsibly.

Nowadays, many electronic or kitchen & home appliance stores have recycle bins put up where you can just drop off your recyclable waster like used water filters, and they hand it over to the professional recycler who has tied up with them.

Many stores even give a small discount coupon or reward points as a token of good gesture which you can redeem on buying anything from their stores.  

3. Give the water filters back to the manufacturer for recycling

Many reputed water filter manufacturers themselves have recycling programs for used or to be discarded water filters. In fact, many of these companies have lucrative reward programs too which give you discounts on your new water filter purchase when you give the old one for recycling. Below are programs offered by a few manufacturers and brands of water filters-

Brita and PUR

If you are using the water filters from Brita or PUR, you would be pleased to know that these companies have tied up with TerraCycle for recycling or repurposing the products.

TerraCycle is a well-renowned firm that deals in upcycling and recycling and ensures that it repurposes the products into items like pencils, pouches and other similar products.

If you are a Brita user, you can sign up with the Brita rewards program. The program lets you recycle pitchers, dispensers, bottles, faucet units, and any packaging material. You will need the products to dry for around three days and then collect them to at least 5 pounds of capacity. Pack everything in a garbage liner and in a box. Print out the shipping label provided to you by Brita and mail it right away.

In some regions, you may need to create an account with TerraCycle before signing up with the Brita recycling program. The exact procedure that Brita follows for the recycling process and receiving the recycling materials differs from region to region.

The European region has designated dealers collecting the recycling material from you while regions like the US and Canada let you mail the box containing the recycling material.

If you are a PUR customer, you can join the PUR brigade program for recycling the PUR products. You can collect the PUR pitchers, dispensers, faucet filtration systems, filters, and packaging material and keep storing them in a box.

Once the box is ready for dispatch, you can send it using the shipping label available at the TerraCycle website through your account. Make sure you have dried everything up for at least three days.


ZeroWater provides you access to a recycling form. You can complete the form and send the material along with the form to the manufacturer. You can fill this form and can send in the filters and materials to-

ZeroWater Filter Recycling

c/o Delta Warehouse

1600 Delta Drive

El Paso, TX 79901

The process should take around two weeks to complete. You will get $ 10 coupon for every two filters that you return.

Whirlpool Recycling Program

Whirlpool works with G2 revolution to provide you access to the recycling program. It takes care to ensure that the material like packing items or filters end up in the landfills and create plastic pollution.

However, there is a difference between the Brita recycle program and the one from Whirlpool. The recycling kit may not be available for free. You will need to buy a water filter recycling kit worth around $ 10.

You will get a promo code that offers you a 20 per cent discount on the next refrigerator water filter purposes. You can check out more details on their official website.

What if your manufacturer does not have clear information on the recycling options? Well, in that scenario, it may be a good idea to get in touch with the manufacturers and ask them if they have any sort of recycling options.

If they do, you can follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. If they do not offer any recycler options, it may be a good idea to contact your local recycler to check if they have any good options for recycling your water filters or other materials.

If you have no choice, you may be left with only one option- sending the water filters to trash but ensure that you are exhausting your options before opting to trash your filters and additional material.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, those were a few inputs about what can be done to your used water filters. The information contained herein should assist you to a greater degree to work towards the best recycling options you can opt for when it comes to the water filters that have gone out of usage.

This will go a long way in helping you improve the ecological footprint of water filters and other materials.

So, recycle your filters and do your bit for the environment.

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