15 Best Electric Knife Sharpener for Your Kitchen

Trying to decide which is the best electric knife sharpener to buy is a serious dilemma. 

Ask any chef or anyone working in a professional kitchen, and you’ll quickly understand that having high-quality, sharp knives not only make cooking prep 10x easier, it also prevents kitchen accidents, strains, and overall discomfort. 

The problem isn’t the lack of electric knife sharpener in the market – there are dozens of knife sharpeners on the market today. The hard part is deciding which one is best or value-for-money. 

An electric knife sharpener should be able to sharpen a knife as effortlessly for the user as possible. A sharpener has powerful abrasive wheels and pre-set angle guides that make sharpening safe, quick, efficient, and calculation-free for the user. 

Remove all the guesswork and choose from these 15 electric knife sharpener we’ve handpicked for you.


Chef'sChoice 250 Diamond Hone Hybrid Sharpener

chefschoice diamond hone hybrid sharpener
  • Used as either manual or electric knife sharpener
  • Sharpens straight and serrated knives
  • Patented 3-stage sharpening


Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor XV Knife Sharpener

chef’schoice 15 trizor xv
  • Features tons of customization
  • Sharpens unique 15 degree angled edge
  • 3-Stage EdgeSelect system

15 Best Electric Knife Sharpener on the Market this 2019

1. GA 3-in-1 Electric Knife Sharpener

  • Space-saving dome design for small countertops
  • 2-stage, multi-angle knife sharpener
  • Sharpens many kinds of knives, plus scissors and screwdrivers
ga knife sharpener electric

This Grocery Art 3-in-1 electric knife sharpener is probably the cutest tool you can find. But don’t let its small size deceive you. It may measure 6 x 6 x 4 inches and weighs only 1.3 pounds, but it could very well sharpen most kinds folding, hunting, utility, and kitchen knives. It can even sharpen screwdrivers and all your scissors. 

Because this electric knife sharpener has a built-in auto angler, you don’t need to calculate angles anymore. Just insert your blade into the slot, press the power button, choose the option best suits the item you want sharpened (flat screwdriver, scissor, course, or fine) and wait for the sharpener to do its magic. 

The “magic” involves two stages: first is when it reshapes the blade angle and sharpens the edges, followed by the second stage where the blades are honed and polished for a perfect buffed look. 

You’d think that such a small electric knife sharpener would be flimsy, but the makers of this actually designed it well. The suction bottom secures the sharpener perfectly in place. And the compact body isn’t the only thing that makes this great for space-savers: it also has a retractable cord so storing it won’t be any trouble.


  • Small footprint
  • Built-in auto-angle (no more computing how much metal to hone)
  • Extensive guide on how to use the knife sharpener properly


  • Not ideal for ceramic knives and knives with serrated blades

2. LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener

  • Mess-free sharpening (built-in metal catcher)
  • No mistakes with automatic blade-positioning guides and “stop” function
  • 2-stage knife sharpening
linkyo electric knife sharpener

LINKYO’s offering in the knife-sharpening category won’t top our best electric knife sharpener list, but it definitely is the most appealing thanks to its price tag. What’s impressive is that for something so inexpensive, the quality and features do not suffer at all. 

This electric knife sharpeners is user-friendly. It’s so simple to use – just place one knife in the ideal position (there’s positioning guides built into the sharpener so you’d know exactly where to put it). Tug the knife slightly closer to you while the edges are being reshaped and sharpened for stage 1, then the blade honed and polished for stage 2. You don’t even have to press the knife down. 

There are two features that make this sharpener a good buy. First is the mess-free clean-up thanks to the built-in plugs that catch all the metal shards while sharpening. Second is the “stop” feature that automatically stops sharpening when the user presses the knife down too much. 

With the LINKYO electric knife sharpener, maintenance is minimal. You just have to throw metal shards from the tiny trash bin out when needed, and clean the machine with a damp cloth and dry towel after every use.


  • Professional knife sharpening
  • Non-slip suction cup
  • Accommodates various kinds of knives (small to huge)


  • Bulky 
  • Not for scissors or serrated knives

3. Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener

  • Straightforward knife sharpening tool
  • Works with almost every type of knife
  • Precision-sharpening thanks to automatic blade guide
presto 08800 eversharp electric knife sharpener

Presto kitchen tools like this EverSharp are made in China, but you’ll definitely stop believing the cliché that all China-made products are sub-par once you’ve owned this sturdy, no-fuss electric knife sharpener. It’s actually built to North American Electrical Standards and equipped by Shapphirite sharpening wheels that are popularly used by professional knife and blade sharpening services. 

This special kind of sharpening wheel results to some of the most professionally sharpened knives with razor-sharp edges you’ll ever see. Even if it’s your first time to use an electric knife sharpener, the blade guide lets you know the exact angle where to place your knives. Plus there are three suction cups on the bottom that holds the sharpener securely in place while in use. 

Like most standard electric knife sharpeners, the Presto EverSharp passes through 2 stages of precision grinding. The first stage begins with an angled edge, while the second stage finishes off with a polished and sharp edge.


  • Precision blade guides for perfect sharpened angles each time
  • Super-hard Sapphirite sharpening wheels
  • Ideal for knives made of stainless steel, carbon and alloy
  • Two containers for catching shredded metal
  • 1-year warranty


  • Not for serrated knives 
  • Can take up some space

4. Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

  • Gives users many customization options
  • Patented 3-Stage EdgeSelect system
  • Sharpens unique 15-degree edges
chef’schoice 15 trizor xv

Chef’s Choice is at the top of its game when it comes to professionally-made knife-sharpening tools. The 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect is the golden standard out of all our handpicked best electric knife sharpener. 

The Chef’s Choice Model 15XV doesn’t go with the traditional 20-degree edges that come with household knives straight off the pack. Instead, this knife sharpener goes beyond the norm and sticks to 15-degree edges instead – with fantastic results. 

The cool thing about this electric knife sharpener is that it makes it easy for newbies to operate the machine with its patented flexible spring guides for auto blade adjustment, but still provides leeway for control of the sharpening angle. 

With Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener, it only takes a minute to sharpen a newly-bought knife, and about 10 seconds to sharpen your favorite kitchen knife. Inside though, the machine goes through 3 stages: stage 1 & 2 sharpens and hones the edges with diamond abrasives, while stage 2 polishes the blades to prolong the life of your knives.


  • Professional knife sharpening for home
  • 100% diamond abrasives for sharpening serrated and straight blades
  • 15-degree XV technology
  • 3-year warranty
  • On/off switch


  • Sharpens exceptionally well you’d have to take extra care to avoid cuts

5.THRITOP 3 in 1 Electric Sharpening Machine

  • Made with Japanese grinding wheel
  • Sharpens knives, scissors & screwdrivers
  • Compact design
thritop knife sharpener tool

You won’t think this tiny machine can be included in our list of the best electric knife sharpener, but you’d be pleasantly surprised that this compact electric sharpening 3-in-1 machine from THRITOP can compete against the “big guys.” 

The THRITOP 3-in-1 electric sharpening machine was designed to handle most kinds of knives, as well as scissors and screwdrivers. 

Design-wise, the THRITOP electric knife sharpener is shaped like a small dome. Underneath are four non-slip feet suction to keep everything in place while sharpening blades. It is equipped with two Japanese grinding wheels, which provide either course or fine sharpening.


  • Requires very little countertop space
  • Retractable cord automatically packs away by pressing the off button
  • 40-watt powerful motor
  • Beginner-friendly on/off button


  • Non-replaceable grinding wheels

6.Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener And Polishing System by CHEF PRO

  • 2-Stage Sharpening
  • Beginner-friendly operation
  • Built-in sharpening guide
prochef electric kitchen knife sharpener

If you’re searching for a knife sharpener that works without a fuss, the electric kitchen knife sharpener and polishing system by CHEF PRO is as straightforward as it could get. 

It simply works, thanks to the powerful motor and high-quality grinding wheels. 

Designed with a two-stage system, all blades that pass through this system undergo two things: 1) reshaped angles and sharpened for a more precisely-angled edge, and 2) honed and polished the blade. 

To begin, just position your knife at a 90-degree angle to the table and pass through the hole several times. Avoid applying downward pressure throughout these steps. The knife sharpener shouldn’t move as you use it; there are 3 suction cups underneath the unit to keep the machine in place. 

And when you’re done, just pop out the two tiny red caps at the bottom to release metal shards and other debris.


  • 2-step sharpening for perfectly razor-sharp edges within seconds
  • Choose from fine or coarse grit
  • Stylish black and silver design
  • No-mess operation


  • Not a popular brand

7. Secura Electric Knife Sharpener

  • Two-stage sharpening system
  • Ideal for any non-serrated knives (kitchen or sports)
  • 120 volts AC powered motor
secura electric knife sharpener

The Secura knife sharpener may not look the part, but it is one of our best electric knife sharpener. It works with a two-stage sharpening system, wherein the edges of a blade undergoes intense sharpening, rejuvenating and reshaping of angles during stage 1. The next and final stage is when the blades are honed and polished double-time to complete the sharpening process. 

There might be some learning curve when it comes to sharpening knives, but once you have learned how to use some finesse when sharpening blades, it’s going to be an easy-to-do kitchen task you’d love doing every time.   

Like most knife sharpeners on our list, the Secura electric knife sharpener has automatic blade positioning, non-slip suction feet, and no-mess container for all the metal shards.


  • Non-slip feet for added stability
  • 2-year warranty against defects
  • Value for money
  • Passed North American Electrical Standards


  • Serrated knives are not supported
  • Limited information on manual

8. Chef'sChoice 250 Diamond Hone Hybrid Sharpener

  • Can be used as a manual or electric knife sharpener
  • Accommodates straight and serrated knives
  • Diamond abrasives for sharp edges
  • 3-stage sharpening for manual, 2-stage for electric
chefschoice diamond hone hybrid sharpener

Chef’sChoice Hybrid Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener Model 250 is a versatile knife sharpener. It can work as either a manual or electric sharpener, so you can bring out all your knives for much-needed maintenance.

Chef’sChoice hybrid technology with diamond abrasives work exceptionally well. The 3-stage system incorporated into this sharpener focuses on the sharpening processes through stages 1 & 2, then additional manual honing on stage 3 produces arch-shaped edges. You can perform the third stage any time, since honing doesn’t require any power at all.

As a result of those three stages, your knives will have a triple bevel edge. It takes under a minute to sharpen one knife, even if you haven’t held onto that knife for decades.


  • Sharpens both serrated and straight knives
  • Fits small (pocket knives) to big (sporting or hunting knives)
  • Razor-sharp edges thanks to Chef’sChoice 3-stage hybrid tech


  • Requires several passes per stage

9. Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener

  • 2-Stage Diamond Sharpening Wheel
  • Ideal for Ceramic Knives and Stainless Steel Knives
  • Universal knife guide slot
electric diamond knife sharpener

Designed by Honolulu, Hawaii-based company Shenzhen, this electric knife sharpener is one-of-a-kind and in-demand tool, especially to fans of ceramic knives and stainless steel knives. 

The Shenzhen electric diamond knife sharpener was given a chic white, black and a hint of red design, probably because its features are more likely to make more bang. For example, the diamond grinding stone has two settings (coarse and fine grit), which lets you control how precise the sharpening you’d want your tools to undergo. 

Once the Shenzhen electric diamond knife sharpener finishes sharpening the knives, it moves on to honing the edges with a traditional 2-stage process. Just lightly guide the knife first using the coarse setting, then off to the fine setting for smooth, razor-sharp finish. 

The Diamond Grinding wheel is able to grind ceramic about 1mm off the blades effortlessly thanks to its high-powered motor. The knife slot guide brings knives into a traditional v-angle bevel edge with 18 coarse setting and 20 fine setting on each sides. The diamond wheel cartridge is removable and replaceable, too! It takes about a year for the diamond wheel to require replacement, but this will still depend on your usage frequency.


  • Can accommodates tip-to-handle of ceramic knives
  • Easy-to-use, but very powerful
  • Useful knife guide
  • effective diamond grinding stone
  • Plug-in electric sharpener


  • Not suitable for serrated blades, scissors and other non-kitchen knives

10. EdgeKeeper Electric Knife Sharpener

  • Two-stage sharpening process
  • Vintage, shiny red design
  • Guided sharpening with slot angles
edgekeeper electric knife sharpener

The EdgeKeeper knife sharpener deserves a place in our list of best electric knife sharpener just for its fantastic design. This is particularly true if you’re a fan of KitchenAid products, since EdgeKeeper takes inspiration from the vavavoom, shiny red vintage look with rounded corners and hints of metallic. This knife sharpener does come in black or gray versions, but the red is definitely much more dramatic. 

Looks aside, the EdgeKeeper electric knife sharpener operates with a two-stage process. First stage (or “preliminary grind”) handles all the precise sharpening, so you’ll end up with fine-edge knives. The second stage (known as “precision grind”) is reserved for honing and buffing. Each stage includes several repeats of the knife gently passing through the slots. Good thing that each pass only takes a second or two with the EdgeKeeper, so you’d be finished sharpening a knife in just under 5 minutes. 

Unlike other knife sharpeners that has a built-in container to catch shredded metal, the EdgeKeeper uses a removable magnet that should catch all the metal shavings. Aside from throwing away shredded metals, maintaining the EdgeKeeper electric knife sharpener is pretty straightforward like most kitchen appliance: just unplug after using, wipe the external clean with a damp cloth, and avoid using chemicals on any part of the sharpener. 

Note that this particular electric knife sharpener isn’t ideal for serrated knives, sporting knives, ceramic knives, scissors, screwdrivers, or any blades that do not fit the slot. Don’t force a knife if it can’t shoot into the slot comfortably – it’s a huge clue that they’re not compatible. For example, pairing knives and other smaller knives could fit, but an inch of the blade closest to the handle may not be sharpened properly.


  • Built-in slot angles that “assist”  you in sharpening at the perfect angle every time
  • Non-slip suction on the feet to keep the unit from moving and ensure safe sharpening
  • No-brainer knife sharpening for most carbon steel and stainless steel kitchen knives with fine-edge blades


  • Metal shavings don’t get collected properly in a container underneath

11. Chef'sChoice 270 Hybrid Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

  • Triple Bevel Trizor® Edge
  • Combines Electric and Manual Sharpening
  • Ideal for Straight and Serrated 20-Degree Knives
  • 3-Stage Sharpening system
chefschoice 270 hybrid diamond hone knife sharpener

The Chef’sChoice 270 knife sharpener has many similarities between its Chef’sChoice 250 brother. They’re both hybrid models, which means they could work like a traditional manual sharpener, or plugged-in electric sharpener. Both also accommodates straight and serrated 20-degree knives, such as household and kitchen knives, pocket knives and sporting knives. 

The major difference between the two is that Chef’sChoice 250 has double-bevel edge, but this hybrid diamond home knife sharpener 270 model has the “Triple Bevel Trizor® Edge.” This technology creates a triple beveled arch-shaped edge when a knife is put under three separate bevels, set at different angles, on both sides of a knife edge. 

Chef’sChoice 270 hybrid diamond knife sharpener is equipped with crisscross sharpening technology, which results to a knife edge with a significant amount of “bite.” It is produced uniquely by sharpening with the diamond abrasive wheels simultaneously “out of the edge” and “into the edge,” giving you a sharpened knife outcome you’ve never seen before.

Like its hybrid brother, the three stages Chef’sChoice 270 involve Stages 1 & 2 electrically sharpening blades and shaping edges, then Stage 3 for manual buffing, creating arch-shaped edge, or sharpening serrated edges.


  • Heavy-duty stainless steel knife guides
  • 100-percent diamond abrasives
  • 1-year warranty
  • Revive even the oldest knives in your kitchen


  • Not ideal for short blades or sharpening curved blade tips

12. Kasonic Professional 2-Stage Electric Knife Sharpener

  • Quick two-step knife sharpening
  • Diamond-coated sharpening system
  • User-friendly operation and maintenance
knife sharpener kasonic professional

The Kasonic Professional electric knife sharpener doesn’t look like it’s breaking new grounds. It looks similar to other brands, especially with its silver and black casing along with the red on/off button. But there’s one function that made us include it as best electric knife sharpener: the built-in automatic “stop function” keeps you from destroying your blades when you add too much pressure on the knife. 

This electric knife sharpener goes through two stages: First step sharpens the blades and reshapes angle of edges via 100-percent fine diamond abrasives. The initial stage is where the revival of old, or uneven knife edges occur, while the next stage is where the polishing of the blade happens.

With the Kasonic Professional electric knife sharpener, you can say goodbye to painstaking manual sharpening and your traditional stone. Now, sharpening blades only takes a couple of effortless minutes instead of an hour-long per knife. 

The Kasonic Professional electric knife sharpener can accommodate 15-degree edge for Asian-style knives, as well as 20-degree edge for European and American style knives. 

It looks very similar to LINKYO (above) design-wise, but this has a smaller footprint, so it’s perfect for users with minimal kitchen space available. Check under the unit and you’ll see a trio of suction cups that keep the sharpener in place. There are also two red plugs at the bottom, which you just have to open and shake out occasionally to dispose collected metal shavings.


  • Built-in metal shaving disposal collects shredded parts automatically
  • No effort sharpening – just hold knife at a 90-degree angle
  • Takes 30 seconds a swipe to sharpen gradually (do repeatedly depending on knife requirement)


  • Does not sharpen serrated knives

13. Hamilton Beach 86600 Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener

  • Diamond-coated grinding wheels
  • Two-stage sharpening process
  • Auto-pause sharpening for security
hamilton beach electric kitchen knife sharpener

Hamilton Beach has been providing affordable, but quality home and living products for a long time. They’ve proven their place in the kitchen department, so adding this 86600 model to the best electric knife sharpener list shouldn’t surprise you at all. 

The Hamilton Beach 86600 electric kitchen knife sharpener looks futuristic with its glossy white and matte black casing. It is designed with ergonomic curves for handling the unit while sharpening blades, with the on/off button hidden perfectly to the side. 

This knife sharpener has four blade positioning guides, two of which are used for Stage 1 in reshaping blade angle and sharpening the blade, then the last two are used for Stage 2 in finely finishing and honing each edge. These processes are made possible by stainless steel grinding wheels with diamond abrasive coating – a combination that has been known to provide better sharpening performance. 

With the Hamilton Beach 86600 electric kitchen knife sharpener, your knives are safe even if you accidentally put too much pressure when gliding it through the positioning slots. This model has a built-in overload protection that automatically pauses the sharpening process whenever this happens.


  • Works for both straight and serrated-edge knives, regardless of size
  • Tried-and-tested two-stage sharpening process for clean and perfectly honed blades
  • Fixes bended knife blades without effort


  • A bit noisy during operation

14. MOSAIC Electric Knife Sharpener

  • Detachable diamond wheel for straight knives
  • Knife-sharpening tool with unique waterproof function
  • One-of-a-kind, compact design
mosaic electric knife sharpener

MOSAIC’s electric knife sharpener is small, chic and definitely a head-turner, but it’s also well-designed, sturdy and built with innovative features. 

For starters, the compact size means the tech inside will be jumbled up, and that’s what exactly happened to the MOSAIC knife sharpener. 

The seemingly-simple exterior is hiding a complex system inside. Because there is little space, the twin row diamond-coated coarse wheels are positioned in parallel, so the blade will be repaired, edges straightened, and then polished all in one go. Very impressive concept, don’t you think? 

With the MOSAIC knife sharpener, you can be rest assured that sharpening your knives wouldn’t cause gruesome accidents. The unit has built-in blade positioning guides that tells you where to place the blade every time. The unit also has heavy-duty non-slip feet to prevent any movement when in use. 

Cleaning the MOSAIC knife sharpener is also very different than most electric knife sharpeners. Instead of a container or magnet to “catch” the metal scraps, this sharpener is similar to mechanical pencil sharpeners where all shredded metals will be in a tiny box inside. To clean it out, just press down on the lock, slide the grinding wheel box out, and throw the box into the water.


  • Super compact, but double-edge designed
  • Unique and efficient design
  • Easy to clean and store (it has a small footprint)
  • Waterproof and comes with a dust cover


  • Looks flimsy

15. Chef’sChoice 130 Professional Electric Knife Sharpening Station

  • Ideal for Straight and Serrated Knives
  • Diamond Abrasives and Precision Angle Guides
  • Professionally-designed with 3 sharpening stages
chefschoice 130 professional electric knife sharpening station

Another Chef’sChoice electric knife sharpening station is included in our best electric knife sharpener and it’s definitely well-deserved. The Chef’sChoice 130 is a thing of beauty. It is designed to sharpen both serrated and straight-edge knives, which means you can bring to life again your pocket knives, sporting knives, and kitchen or household knives. 

The stainless steel design and high-impact engineering polymer material makes the Chef’sChoice 130 look like it belongs to a professional kitchen. Even the placement and style of the on/off button, the stabilizing rubber feet that keeps the unit stuck to the work surface when in use, and the heavy-duty built-in precision angle guides to assist users in all three stages for consistently sharpened blades ever time. It simply removes the guesswork and potential for error. 

Chef’sChoice 130 Professional electric knife sharpening station takes pride in its “edge versatility” via its 3-stage sharpening system. This advanced steeling process works like this:

  • Stage 1 (100% diamonds) – During this stage, 100% diamond abrasives work alongside rotating conical disks in sharpening blade edges safely.
  • Stage 2 (Super-hardened sharpening steel) – In this stage, the edges are given precise microscopic sharpening thanks to a unique miniature steel. This works in combination with Stage 1 to bring a specific “bite” to the blade edge.
  • Stage 3 (Flexible stropping disks) – The final stage involves polishing and advanced sharpening to reach an ultra-sharp, super-honed edge. This is also where serrated knives are sharpened.

And like most electrical knife sharpeners, there is no need for sharpening liquids, oils or water. The unit can sharpen blades on its own.

Chef’sChoice 130 Professional electric knife sharpening station is U.L.-approved and with its safety precautions in place (rubber feet, built-in angle slots, etc.), sharpening knives have never been this easy. Once you experience sharpening one of your knives with the Chef’sChoice 130, you’ll know it is probably the closest you can get to a professionally sharpened blade.


  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Ideal for all types of 20-degree class knives
  • Highly customizable for every type of blade imaginable
  • Well-designed and quite compact for its size
  • Very useful instruction manual (it’s a must-read, especially if this is your first electric knife sharpener)


  • Scary-good in sharpening knives you’d have to be extra careful in handling them after to avoid cuts
  • Higher-priced than most knife sharpeners on this list, but this definitely falls under value-for-money

Factors To Consider When Buying the Best Electric Knife Sharpener

Electric knife sharpeners may look alike, but the features can be entirely different. There are several things to consider when picking the best electric knife sharpener for you. 

  • Electric Only vs. Hybrid – There are some units that work both as a manual and electric knife sharpener. The third stage of sharpening usually involves a step that doesn’t require any power. Note that there are knife sharpeners that are just manual as is, or electric exclusively.
  • Single-sided vs. double-sided – Single-sided sharpeners create a flat bevel (ideal for serrated and chisel knives), while double-sided models create concave bevels. Both types have their pros and cons, but your decision will depend on the type of knives you have.
  • Level of grit – This refers to the amount of metal taken off during the sharpening process. You can find electric knife sharpeners with fine, medium or coarse grit.
  • Number of sharpening stage – Knife sharpeners often have second or third stages of sharpening. The first stage usually involves sharpening the knife bevel but leaving scratches in the process. The second stage removes scratch marks, while the third stage is often reserved to knife buffing or other advanced knife sharpening processes. 
  • Size – The size of a knife sharpening tool is important if you have very little kitchen or countertop space left. Where do you store a large electric knife sharpener when not in use?
  • Price – Electric knife sharpeners are priced between $10 and $200 – that’s a pretty big price range to consider your own budget. Don’t go for the cheapest – choose the one with the most value-for-money. 

Check the type of blades an electric knife sharpener can work on. All brands state this important detail at the start of ads. Phrases like “for straight edge blades only,” “does not work with serrated blades” or “ideal for ceramic knives” would give you a clue at the type of knives a particular sharpener can work on.

Wrap Up: Which is the Best Electric Knife Sharpener for Me?

If your knife collection is made up of ceramic knives, there’s nothing better than the Shenzhen electric diamond knife sharpener. It’s hard to find a sharpener that works on ceramic knives, so you’re lucky to find one that does (and does the job effectively at that). 

For those a bit particular with style and love bold colors, the shiny red EdgeKeeper Electric Knife Sharpener would be a show-stopping piece of your kitchen collection. 

For no-fuss tool that works like any ordinary electric knife sharpener but with the lowest price tag of the bunch, LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener provides the most value-for-money. 

Feature-wise, the best electric knife sharpener goes to 250 Diamond Hone Hybrid Sharpener, 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener, or 130 Professional Electric Knife Sharpening Station, which are all from the Chef’sChoice brand. Honestly, you won’t go wrong picking any of them, especially since the warranty period is the longest out of all the choices here, so your investment is protected longer than the average. 

Of course, you should still weigh your personal considerations when deciding. The Chef’sChoice Trizor XV EdgeSelect is hands-down the best, but it might not fit your budget. The EdgeKeeper sharpener may look good with the rest of your snazzy red KitchenAid appliance, but your countertop may lack the space needed to accommodate it. 

An efficient knife sharpener will keep your knives in tip-top shape at all times, which in turn could make you a happier cook in the kitchen. We’re sure you can find something that would fit your preferences from the 15 best electric knife sharpener we handpicked here.

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