7 Best Tile Floor Cleaner Machine for Your Home

The best tile floor cleaner machine is a must for every home, but do you own one? 

Yes, tile floors are not as demanding as other types of flooring. However, they do have to be cleaned in a specific way regularly to prevent grout from forming stubborn slime, or residue sticking to tile permanently. 

Tile isn’t exclusive to ceramic ones usually installed in bathrooms. Tiles can be made of natural stone, ceramic, slate, porcelain, marble, or granite. They can also be made from cork, linoleum, or vinyl, which are considered “resilient tiles.” 

Because of the different types of tiles, people debate over the proper cleaning method and the best tile floor cleaner machine for every type. If you’re here to extend the life of your gorgeous floors, but continue to be puzzled about which machine to buy, we’ve hand-picked 7 of the best tile floor cleaner machine in the market today:

7 Best Tile Floor Cleaner Machine in the Market this 2019

1. Bissell PowerFresh 2075A Slim Steam Mop

  • Handheld or mop use
  • Includes useful accessories for scrubbing tiles
  • Steam on demand
bissell powerfresh steam cleaner

Bissell’s PowerFresh Slim Steam Mop is just one of many modern mops from the company, but the Slim Steam Mop version is an impressive floor and tile cleaner. You can use it handheld or as an upright mop, sweeping, scrubbing or mopping dirt off the floor. 

Although the heater needs warming up (only 25 seconds tops), the steamer can be ready to go whenever you need it. There’s a steam trigger designed to give you control when or how much to dispense steam onto your floors. If you’re using it as a mop, you can go around up to 25 feet from the switch, but switch to handheld if you need to handle hard-to-reach spots. 

What makes this a contender of best tile floor cleaner machine is the number of accessories included. It’s quick to attach the cloth streamer tool, flat surface tool, angle concentrator tool, and clothing steamer tool. For tiles, the red bristle scrub brush and grout tool works perfectly in removing all collected dirt on bathroom and kitchen tiles. These tools are stored inside the handheld unit, so they’re easy to switch from one accessory to the next.                                                                                            

This floor cleaner machine isn’t exclusive to floors. you can even clean countertops, pet beds, clothing, upholstery, and other surfaces.


  • Works perfectly with tile, but can also be used for ceramic, linoleum, hardwood, marble and more.
  • streamer removes 99% of germs
  • Mop head has swivel steering function


  • Cord can be short for bigger houses

2. Comfyer Swift Cordless Electric Spin Mop

  • Mops, waxes, glazes, and sprays the floor
  • Removes embedded dirt on tile and grout with two-speed cleaning modes
  • Fancy LED lights
comfyer swift cordless electric spin mop

Comfyer’s Swift mop is super popular for a reason. It’s built with impressive features, such as quick-charging capability (2.5 hours of charging for around 50 minutes of continuous use). Designed with the users in mind, this cordless mop runs with a 2000mAH, rechargeable Li-Ion battery and comes built-in with a 160ml water tank. 

To splash water while mopping, simply press a button on the handle and deep-clean your tiles without the need for water buckets or spray bottles. You can buy ready-made cleaning solutions or make your own – the Swift mop can work with both. 

What’s cool about the Comfyer Swift mop is that it can work as a mop (using the mopping pads), or completely transform into a waxing machine (using the included waxing pads). All pads are machine-washable, so you can reuse them for dozens of times. 

No matter which pair of pads you use, the dual rotating motors dig deep into the dirty surface without scratching your floors. And while you reach down to clean under the table or other furniture, its LED light helps you see your way through the mess. It’s a very useful, but much-forgotten feature among modern floor cleaning tools.


  • Comes with 2 mopping pads and 2 waxing pads
  • Ideal for tile, vinyl, marble, hardwood and laminate floors
  • Lightweight, cordless and can be pulled 90 degrees down to reach under furniture


  • Have to recharge often if you’re using it in a large house

3. Homitt Electric Spin Mop Floor Scrubber

  • Cordless, noiseless mopping
  • One-click spray
  • Lightweight, easy-on-the-back design
homitt upgraded electric spin mop floor scrubber

The Homitt electric spin mop floor scrubber looks pretty chic with its all-white design with aluminum handles. Its minimalistic approach extends to the fact that all features built into this floor scrubber is essential for floor cleaning. For example, the adjustable handle let you extend it up to 47 inches, while the 90-degree rotation of the handle removes the need to scoot down the floor for hard-to-reach dirt.  

Aside from the design, the Homitt electric spin mop floor scrubber made it to our best tile floor cleaner machine list because it keeps the hands free from dirt. It is equipped with a built-in bottle, which you can fill with cleaning solution of up to 300 ml, and then control the spraying via a push-button on the ergonomic handles. 

The floor scrubber works on most floor surfaces, from tile to hardwood, marble, and laminate, among others. The double round pads rotate in two directions, so you’re guaranteed that no surface is left untouched as you go.


  • User-friendly installation and operation
  • Wet mopping with built-in water container
  • Adjustable handle


  • Comes without remote batteries (You’ll need two AA batteries)

4. Reliable 200CU Steamboy Steam Floor Mop

  • Incorporates the power of microfiber (there are 4 mop pads included)
  • 180-degree swivel head for hands-free cleaning
  • Steam sanitizing
reliable 200cu steamboy steam floor mop

Reliable 200CU Steamboy Steam Floor Mop is aptly named. It is definitely reliable in cleaning floors with steam and with its fast heat up time, you’ll be mopping without a hitch. There is a built in water tank, which lets you fill in up to 600 ml (over 2 cups) of water and refilled every time you need to. You don’t even need to add any chemical, since the water is turned into steam with 245º F steam temperature at exit points. 

Design-wise, Reliable’s 200CU Steamboy Steam Floor Mop has an ergonomic handle, where the release button for the steam is conveniently placed. The handle feels sturdy enough to move the mop all over the place, including reaching under the furniture or other tight spots thanks to its swivel head that can turn 180 degrees. 

Of course, the 245º F steam power won’t work without the triangular-shaped, microfiber mop pads that are designed to stick to the base of the Steamboy 200CU and promote deep, intensive cleaning and proper water absorption.


  • Triangular-shaped mop head lets you clean small and hard-to-reach areas
  • Steams tile flooring effortlessly
  • No need to use chemicals
  • Cleans tile floors just as effectively as it deep-cleans wooden floors


  • Not ideal for deep-cleaning carpets, but can sanitize rugs and carpets

5. LINLUX Powerfresh Steam Mop 10-in-1 System

  • Comes with 10 accessories for custom cleaning
  • Designed to clean tiles, carpet, stone, wooden and laminate flooring
  • Tested to clean other non-floor surfaces
linlux powerfresh steam mop

The LINLUX Powerfresh Steam Mop 10-in-1 System is a powerhouse and one of the best tile floor cleaner machine you’ll come across. It can clean almost any type of flooring and surfaces like windows, countertops, and ovens, but many people rave about its efficiency in digging through sticky stains and tough dirt on grout and tiles of bathrooms and kitchens. 

The combination of a 1200-watt steam and built-in water tank (that you can fill up to 450ML) lets you deep-clean floors and surfaces even without chemicals and other cleaning solutions. With the LINLUX Powerfresh Steam Mop, you even remove 99% of germs as you go. This machine lets you steam and clean for 20 minutes continuously before you’ll have to refill the tank again. 

The LINLUX Powerfresh Steam Mop isn’t portable. It runs with a cord, which means there’s no charging time (an upside), but cords can trip you if it reaches the end of the “line” (a downside). If your space is small, this mop will work for you more than enough, but it could be problematic for larger homes. 

The accessories make this steam mop more than just an ordinary mop. Switching between the round brush, jet nozzle, angle nozzle, and grout cleaning tool is easy and worth the trouble once you see how effective they are in getting through stubborn grease, stains and dirt.


  • Steam-powered mopping for germ-free cleaning
  • Ideal for many types of surfaces
  • Foldable handle for far-reaching spots


  • Cord can limit your cleaning, if you have a large area to clean
  • Blocked vents can prevent the steam function from turning “on”

6. LIGHT 'N' EASY Steam Mop

  • Automatic steam control heats up in just 30 seconds
  • Smart 2.0 Sensor shuts down automatically when not moving
  • Lightweight and easily stored
light 'n' easy steam mop

The LIGHT ‘N’ EASY S7338 Steam Mop was designed to clean tiles, laminate, carpet and wooden floors, effectively killing germs, sanitizing your flooring, and removing dirt the eyes can see in the process. 

Design-wise, this is the best tile floor cleaner machine on this list. It is lightweight, but made with sturdy handles that have the perfect grip and 360-degree rotating function. What we liked best about this steam mop is that the water tank is located at the bottom (other mops are placed by the handle), which we think greatly affects water pressure and how fast the steam can be produced.   

The automatic Smart 2.0 sensor lets you save water and power. Leave it standing upright for a while, and the machine will turn off on its own.


  • One-hand operation
  • Large water tank (gap between refills are longer)
  • Add-on accessories are readily available (for a fee)
  • Long power cord
  • Machine re-washable mop pads


  • Not ideal for grease cleaning

7. ONTEL Turbo Scrub PRO - 360 Cordless Rechargeable Floor Scrubber and Tile Cleaning Machine

  • Handheld and portable tile scrubber
  • Big, rotating, waterproof head
  • Extends up to 4 feet
turbo scrub pro - 360

Unlike the other modern mops on this list, we consider ONTEL Turbo Scrub PRO as one of the best tile floor cleaner machine because even if it’s portable and handheld, it can definitely compete with other flooring cleaning machines. 

The ONTEL Turbo Scrub PRO is a rechargeable machine that comes with an all-purpose brush (which is pretty tough and does the all-around general scrubbing for all kinds of surfaces). This machine also comes with a large flat brush, a dome brush, corner brush, and an extension wand that magically extends up to 4 feet. 

This cordless tile cleaning machine also has the all-new Turbo scrubber, which works effectively with your favorite cleaning solution in destroying grout buildup. 

Because the ONTEL Turbo Scrub PRO has two speed settings, you can go slow with a low (300 RPM) or high (430 RPM) depending on your needs. You may still need to go down your knees for hard-to-reach spots, especially if you’re tall or your kitchen/bathroom has hidden areas.


  • New version has 25% more battery life than the old version
  • Two speeds provide some customization 
  • Plenty of add-on brushes for precise cleaning


  • Needs 4 or more hours of recharging
  • No steaming capability

Factors To Consider When Buying the Best Tile Floor Cleaner Machine

Cleaning tile floors is never easy. That’s why kitchen, bathroom or even outdoor tiles accumulate grime, slime and dirty grout. Cleaning them is a dreadful job. But with the best tile floor cleaner machine, it shouldn’t be. 

When shopping around for a tile floor cleaner, find a machine with the following:

  • Portability – Do you want a cordless machine? Mop-style or handheld? Do you prefer a corded unit? These questions will help you determine if a particular tile floor cleaner can accommodate your needs. Some of these machines are portable, but require charging for 5 hours or more.
  • Steaming – Not all tile floor cleaners have steaming capabilities. If you prefer a machine that does have steam, look for units with temperature control, or on/off switch. Some even have automatic shut down features to not only protect you from an overheated machine, but also saves electric bills in the process. 
  • Water tank capacity – Machines with steam function always have a built-in water tank, but some of them are small (150 ml capacity), while others are equipped with up to 500 ml. Of course, the bigger the tank, the less times you need to refill water while cleaning. 
  • Add-on brushes and mop pads – The brushes and pads included in a floor cleaning machine vary. Some only have the main mop pad and nothing else; others come with several accessories out of the box. Note that the best tile floor cleaner machine should be equipped with microfiber mop pads, since microfiber is highly absorbent and efficient in collecting dirt. Not all machines have machine-washable microfiber mop pads, so take note of this.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for the best tile floor cleaning machine but you don’t have a ton of budget, you can still experience deep-cleaning with the ONTEL Turbo Scrub PRO. It’s cordless and portable, but designed to scrub and clean grout and tiles all around the house. 

If you’re after the most versatile or most effective in digging through dirty and slimy floor tiles, check out the powerful features of either LINLUX Powerfresh Steam Mop 10-in-1 System or Reliable 200CU Steamboy Steam Floor Mop. These two products are designed to attack dirt on tiles precisely and effectively, but the LINLUX steam mop has more accessories if you’re dealing with years-long stubborn dirt, while Reliable’s Steamboy floor mop accommodates more types of flooring. 

Whichever tile floor cleaning machine you choose to go from our list, we guarantee that the days of feeling the dreaded spring cleaning will finally go away. With the right tool for your tiles and grout, cleaning won’t be such a nightmare anymore.

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